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  1. Stid2677

    AK Sheep, Population Observations

    If you are near Fairbanks, I've a few heads you could look at and I could point out of few things. If you know of folks breaking the rules,,,, call the Troopers. Steve
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    Sheep mounts and Taxidermist

  3. Stid2677

    Sheep mounts and Taxidermist

    Dave Winney,, Frontier Taxidermy Valdez, AK. One of the best.
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    Sheep Tips and Tricks

    Don't waste energy,, camp is just a place on the ground. Sleep where it gets dark on ya,, don't waste energy hiking to and from a "base camp". Go to sleep with the sheep and wake up with them, when you run out of food, then go back to base camp. When you find rams,, memorize every marking...
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    Why do we burry our poop?

    The military taught us that the main purpose is to prevent flies and other insects from crawling around in shit then landing on your food or water sources, spreading disease. Don't be a "Surface Shitter" :)
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    Underwear- What, how many, how many days.... TP, Handi Wipes or Paper Towels....

    No, as needed, it last a long time. I also rehydrate the wet wipes by adding a bit of filtered water.
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    Underwear- What, how many, how many days.... TP, Handi Wipes or Paper Towels....

    Right side, wrong side, inside, outside. :) I pregame by greasing up with Boudreaux's Butt Paste, this stuff really helps with crotch rot. I only pack one extra pair no matter how long I'm out. One roll of TP and a few baby wipes that have been allowed to dry out.
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    UPS lost cooler with $1000 of my gear inside

    Look into fling a claim against your homeowners policy if you have one.
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    Caribou Crockpot Ideas

    Do it Mississippi Pot Roast Style, no water, lots of butter and pepperoncini peppers.
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    Bear in camp

    Just wait for your partner to get to sleep,,,soon as they are. Yell that you hear a bear.... Then go to sleep while your partner lies there listening for the "bear" :)
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    Muzzle break for a pencil thin barrel? Worth it or not?

    I run brakes on my Adirondack and my Mountain Ascent, one of the biggest advantages is that I can see my impacts and use this feedback to adjust for the next shot. Recoil is lighter and muzzle blast is louder for shooter and spotter, that said any muzzle blast will cause hearing damage, brake or...
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    2 lost elk and conclusions.

    So, I did not wade through all the prior pages, but I did see a youtube video of a Guy using a drone with thermal imagining to recover lost deer. I know that some states may have laws against this, but the video is impressive. 250 bucks to look and 350 if he finds it. I would guess that the look...
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    First Mule Deer Hunt

    Well, the Lord was not willing. Got horribly sick a few days before I was to drive up. 5 solid days of vomiting, chills, sweats and repeat. Lost over 20lbs in a week. Only recovered a couple days before the tag ended and I was weak as water. I was afraid that the elevation might make it worse...
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    Big Kodak Bear or Kamchatka Bear calibers

    Hard to beat the 375H&H for dangerous game,, flat shooting, hard hitting and the shoulder design makes them feed reliably. Also ammo is widely available if needed to replace lost ammo.
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    How far to count rings w/ Swaro 95?

    I own both and the 65 has not left the safe in years, the 95 is simply incredible. Worth the weight for me,, range depends on light, weather. haze , mirage, but in the right conditions you can really pick out details.
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    Favorite Podcast

    Tundra Talk
  17. Stid2677

    First Mule Deer Hunt

    I'm driving from Killeen Texas myself, where you starting from?
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    First Mule Deer Hunt

    Lord willing,, I leave for my first Mule Deer hunt. Few friends and I drew 3rd rifle in Colorado. Been a crazy year, not the best timing, but it took 3 years to draw, so here we go.....
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    New World Record Velvet Mule Deer Announced by Pope & Young!

    That buck kinda looks like he may have some Whitetail in him. Nice headgear for sure.
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    "Sheep are for Young Men" when hunting is more than just hunting

    Time spent in the mountains chasing sheep is special,, sharing it as father and son even more so. Excellent story and documentation, well done, well done indeed.