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    Colorado questions

    Supposedly LRP ignition isn't legal. However, nowhere in the regs do they say it isn't. The only thing it says is that "209 primers are legal." It does not say that #10 or flintlock are I suppose that LRP ignition systems are as legal as flintlocks are. It's a gray area that could...
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    Petition/link for CO ban on pred hunting

    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to add their voice to this issue in one form or another. As a houndsman in Colorado, this bill represents my hunting for five months out of the year being banned. That's in addition to all of the scientific negative effects that it would bring. On an...
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    Truck Tire Chains

    1. Those will work, and you'll be amazed at what they can do even on an unlocked rear end. Especially with V bar links. 2. 20" wheels have no place on a 4x4 with sub 40" tires. Ditch them them for 17s if you can. 3. You may be able to fit them on the front too, especially with stock size tires...
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    Hunter frying pan wilderness Colorado

    Oh my, I'm so glad you asked! I've just been dying to tell everyone all about it! There are giant bucks in every basin, and no hunting pressure at all! Completely undiscovered! Every new hunter that wants to kill a big buck without doing any work should hunt there! Sent from my SM-G973U using...
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    Is it necessary to have an alpha glass spotter for bowhunting mule deer?

    I'm in the camp that a spotter isn't necessary at all. My experience has been that sub-alpha spotters aren't worth owning, unless you just want more weight in your pack for exercise. Get a top end spotter, or don't bother wasting pack weight and money on something that's borderline useless in...
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    New CVA LR-X in .45 on the way, load advice?

    Yikes, that is an issue! Glad I didn't end up with one of those. It's a great way to go, but if the bore is too big then ASG and Parker are out unfortunately. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    New CVA LR-X in .45 on the way, load advice?

    1. Get some BH209. Pre-measure by mass. My load in my Knught UL is 80 grains, it's fairly hot in that gun. Keep it in waterproof tubes, and keep the tubes in a Magpul Daka pouch 2. Get Federal or CCI 209 Magnum primers. Not the muzzleloader specific ones. 3. Forget the stupid sabots and...
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    300WM or 50cal muzzy...worse kick?

    They're almost identical, with the MZ having higher recoil velocity. I made assumptions for the powder charge in the 300 WM and the muzzle velocity of the muzzleloader. So it will come down to personal perception. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Lion hunters, what is your best call?

    It's an awful long shot with calls. There are lots of really good dry ground houndsmen in NM & AZ, hit them up. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    looking for some ideas on a couple Wilderness areas in CO

    You're looking for exactly what every other podcast groupie is looking for on the internet. And nobody with any info worth a damn is going to give it to you. The Midwest isn't that far. Drive out and earn what you want. Or sit home and watch football. Either way, CPW will appreciate your $600+...
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    300WM or 50cal muzzy...worse kick?

    It's a quantitative argument, and can easily be settled with a bit of math. The qualitative perception of recoil is due to the fact that it has two components: total force, and velocity. Lower recoil velocity is a result of a heavier weapon. Though the total energy is the same, it is perceived...
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    Are people that desperate for attention? I suppose the answer to that question is obvious in this age. It's another flock of morons trying to get attention despite their obvious mediocrity. Get a real job, and stop bastardizing the outdoors in every way imaginable. It's getting to where these...
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    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    Absolutely brilliant article. I hope it represents a paradigm shift in the thinking of most hunters. Hopefully it isn't too late to reverse the trend. Judging by the number of mommy's boys on here asking for free spots, there's a lot of reversing to be done. And Free Range American showed their...
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    Oben versus Aoka: Are they the same???

    I thought the Aoka didn't have a center column. That's the main thing that had pushed me away from buying one. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Oben versus Aoka: Are they the same???

    Looks like the main difference is that the Oben has an adjustable height center column "neck," and the Aoka does not. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Frontal/quartering to shot angle

    I tucked it just inside the shoulder (in the chest) on that buck. The buck quartering away broke both the femur and the offside shoulder though. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Frontal/quartering to shot angle

    I've shot a couple of deer quartering both hard to and away with an MZ. One with a 250 grain Barnes .452 bullet, one with a 275 grain 45 cal ASG Arrowhead. Neither buck made it 20 yards. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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    Arizona Game and Fish - Pays Influencers - Newberg cancels contract after backlash

    It's just a result of the Pareto distribution of talent. Most people are terrible at everything, so they flock to free information from people who appear to be successful. And they're so terrible at it, they can't tell that the influencers are also terrible...and on down the drain it goes. Sent...
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    What role does probablity play?

    Probability is a result of process capability. Negating all forms of shooter error, every rifle system (load, rifle, mount and scope) has a measure of process capability. A "1 MOA" rifle will put 99.7% of rounds into a 1 MOA group. 95% will be within 2/3 MOA, and 68% will be inside of 1/3 MOA...
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    Book Cliffs Bison Advice

    Those things are absolutely everywhere. I've sworn off of giving any info on the web but if you've narrowed down that much area, that should start to paint a picture of where else they could be. Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk