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  1. Mtnboy

    Tent Pole Repair

    Just wanted to pass this along since I had a good experience and it's a good resource to know about. I had a tent pole crack on an REI Half Dome after TONS of use. Found a company called Tent Pole Technologies and they fixed it up with a new section of pole for $18 and it was back on my door...
  2. Mtnboy

    Idaho Wolf Lawsuit

    It’s almost like we woulda been better off if our elected officials kept their noses out of season setting….seems like some of us said this would happen and were berated and called wolf lovers by many here…...
  3. Mtnboy

    Schonfeld Optics - Great Service!

    Just wanted to shout out Schonfeld Optics. I have one of their small carbon tripods (it's the same as the Vortex and and many other manufacturers) that I love, had it about 8 years and I'd hazard a guess that it's got several hundred days in the field and several thousand miles in the pack on...
  4. Mtnboy

    Enviro Group Buys Out Grazing Lease in Idaho

    Only $8,200 to have the grazing rights to 620 acres for 20 years, am I reading that right...
  5. Mtnboy

    Outside Online Back Pack Tax Article

    Hopefully somehow this eventually gets put in to place. LONG overdue.
  6. Mtnboy

    Katadyn Hiker Replacement Filter

    Is this supposed to look like this? I’ve replaced several in the past and never noticed but I also never looked real close. Brand new just came in the mail today.
  7. Mtnboy

    WTB Odin Works Bolt Carrier Group - .223/5.56

    Wrong forum
  8. Mtnboy

    Gun “Groups”

    I’m a Member of over half a dozen “conservation” orgs but I haven’t been a Member of one dedicated to guns since I decided the NRA wasn’t worth my money years ago. So...I know they’ve been talked about before...but what groups are out there today that are worth giving my money to fight for our...
  9. Mtnboy

    WTS Sitka Core Ultralight Hoody ~ EV II ~ Size Large ~ Like New

    As the title says, worn one time. No holes or tears or anything. $70tyd *Friends and family please, I've sold a ton on here you won't get burned.
  10. Mtnboy

    WTS Lowa Tibet GTX Sz 13

    Excellent condition, worn on a few break in hikes and for 11 days of September Elk hunting. TONS of life left, unfortunately my feet just don't agree with Tibets anymore. Rand is perfectly attached all the way around, no nicks, no major scuffs really. Treated one time with Obenhaufs, a few...
  11. Mtnboy

    Reasonably Priced 20* Down Bag

    I'm sure this has been discussed 100 times but I scrolled a few pages and didn't see much. I'm looking for a 20* down bag to use in September/October and then pair it with a 50* quilt as the temps drop in Late October/November. What are some good options out there that don't cost $800? I...
  12. Mtnboy

    WTS First Lite Suspenders ~ Brand New ~

    Never used, took off as soon as I took the pants out of the package. $12tyd
  13. Mtnboy

    WTS Samsung s9 Phone Skope Adapter

    Used but in perfect working order, I peeled the Phone Skope logo off the back because I can't stand to not modify gear somehow ;) $35 tyd
  14. Mtnboy

    WTS Victory Xtorsion Arrows 300 Spine

    Brand new, uncut. 300 spine. V3 $85tyd
  15. Mtnboy

    Pick-up (inside) Roof Gun Rack?

    Anybody used one of these? Bonus points if you used one in a Nissan Titan XD crew cab.
  16. Mtnboy

    Shiras with a .308

    Lucky enough to draw a tag in Idaho this year. I'm currently shooting Federal Premium 180gr Trophy Bonded Tip. Due to a scope adjustment I gotta re-site in there a better bullet I should be looking to use a with a OIL tag in my pocket? Gun is a Tikka, it has shot every ammo I've...
  17. Mtnboy

    Orlando fishing - 1/2 day ?

    So I have about half a day to burn in Orlando in a couple weeks, the conference we are there for doesn't allow us to set up until 4pm. Is there anywhere within an Uber ride of the Hyatt Regency on International Dr. that would be worth doing? Maybe like a half day guided trip to catch some...
  18. Mtnboy

    WTS Vortex PST Gen 2 5-25x50 FFP

    Like new, mounted and a gun once and never used. Has some light ring marks. $850tyd Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  19. Mtnboy

    WTB WTB Sitka Bow Sling

    Anybody? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  20. Mtnboy

    WTS Kudu Point Broadheads - 125gr

    1 of these was shot 3 times in to a Rhinehart target. Other 2 have never been removed from the package. $35tyd Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk