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  1. CaseyU

    WTS Garmin sport pro training collar

    **SOLD**Good morning I have a 9/10 training collar someone needs. I bought it for training my pup and ended up buying a garmin alpha. This collar was used probably 10 hours total and looks like new besides some dirt residue on collar. Collar is still full length. Have everything that came with...
  2. CaseyU

    WTS Garage sale. Kuiu. Firstlite. Eddie bauer. Decoys. Grab it 2

    ****New pants added****I have the following for sale. I will accept Paypal goods and service and i will eat the fee and take care of shipping. Unless your so inclined for friends and family (longtime rokslider) New without tags Kuiu katana bourbon 34x34. Wore them one day at home to feel them...
  3. CaseyU

    WTS First lite pants

    * Update* Both obsidian pants sold. Catalyst available* Good morning. I have a couple pair of pants I am not using as much. Prefer solids. I have 2 pairs of first lite obsidian Medium Tall. 1 in fusion and 1 in cipher. Both come with suspenders. 3rd pair is first catalyst fusion size large. I...
  4. CaseyU

    WTS First lite gift card

    Good morning folks I have a first lite gift card with 157.65 (from a return) first 135 on paypal and i will fire the code to you. Thanks guys. Its super simple just go to checkout and apply the code and done. Longtime member with plenty of references if needed. Casey Sent from my VS996 using...
  5. CaseyU

    WTB First lite gift card for upland vest

    Good morning, Just throwing out some feelers. Chuckar season is done before we know it and i know you guys are upgrading vests. I have a 157.65 girft card for first lite (from a return) and would love to trade it for a nice upland vest. Very longtime member with lots of referneces if needed) I...
  6. CaseyU

    Garmin inreach mini 249.

    Figured since it was such a good price and they are always popular. I would let who ever doesnt get cabelas flyers know. Online at bassproshop/Cabelas. They have garmin inreach mini on sale for 249.99. Smoking price. Not trying to put down any body selling one just help out buyers that have been...
  7. CaseyU

    WTS/WTT Garmin inreach mini 250*

    Figured since it was such a good price and they are always popular. I would let who ever doesnt get cabelas flyers know. Online at bassproshop/Cabelas. They have garmin inreach mini on sale for 249.99. Smoking price. Not trying to put down any body selling one just help out buyers that have been...
  8. CaseyU

    WTS/WTT Garmin rino 750

    I have a brand new condition garmin run 750. Probably carried a couple hours at work. I have an extra rechargeable battery, power cord and carabiner clip. Excellent condition. I cant find the box. You can download maps or buy an sd card for it. Sell for 425 or will trade for a rino 650 plus cash...
  9. CaseyU

    WTS Free base layers and sleep pad for youth

    Have a set of medium underarmour 3.0. Used but tons of life left. Pants have one small hole. And an rei co op insulated pad. Free to a youth getting into backpacking/hunting. Can ship them tomorrow. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
  10. CaseyU

    WTS Kifaru fulcrum wolf

    I have a kifaru fulcrum in wolf gray in great shape. There is one small tear in one of the wings. I pictued. Half inch and has never expanded. Would be an easy tenacious tape fix if so desired. This one has the meat shelf and new frame sleeve on top. Has packed out some elk and deer and has a...
  11. CaseyU

    WTB Wtb leica rangemaster 2400R

    In the market for a leica 2400r rangefinder. Mostly archery hunting so must have the angle compensation up close. Going to buy new but out of stock. A used one doesnt bother me. Just reaching out if anyone has one they were thinking of selling. Thanks roksliders. Casey Sent from my VS996 using...
  12. CaseyU

    WTS Marsupial bino harness M coyote

    I have a nice marsupial bino harness in coyote. Size medium. In great shape. I got tangled up in some juniper limbs and got a couple small sap stains on there but nothing crazy. Will fit most 10x50 and 12x50. 65 tyd paypal. Sent from my VS996 using Tapatalk
  13. CaseyU

    WTS Kifaru Wolf cargo panel, organizer guide lid

    I have a wolf gray cargo panel with 6 strap and I clips. Great shape. Rarely used some light brown staining on inside. 110. Organizer guide lid with the 2 bottom straps and k clips. 65. If someone wamts both i will throw in some random kifaru webbing and buckles and do 160 shipped. Sent from...
  14. CaseyU

    WTS Cbe hybrid pro 5 pin lefty

    Any southpaws out there looking to try a quality slider. This is for you. This sight has been on my bow for one season and has been great! Great mojo on it already. Has 2nd axis tuning and a ton of adjustment. Comes with all original metal sight tapes and back of 15 is a blank white one if you...
  15. CaseyU

    WTS Bino harness purge!

    I have 4 bino harness in need of a home vs sitting in my garage sad and lonely! First is the biggest. Alaska guide creation. Not sure what model but its big. 12x50 are loose in there. Made for 15s all day. In great shape. 50 Second is and FHF pro harness in kryptek. Tag says xl but i didnt even...
  16. CaseyU

    WTS First lite cirrus fusion medium

    I have a first lite cirrus that has probably been worn once. Its in great shape. No tears, holes or snags. Zippers are perfect. Just use my hooded one over this everytime. Someone will enjoy this My work schedule is a little weird right now so I will keep buyer in the loop with shipping but...
  17. CaseyU

    WTS FHF pro hanress xl kryptek

    Good afternoon self distancers, I have an XL FHF pro bino harness in really good condition. About the only thing that shpws wear is the fhf logo on the front. Will fir almost all 15x and 12x50s. I have some leica 10x50s and its just a hair big. Would trade for a large but I have a marsupial that...
  18. CaseyU

    WTS Vortex razor 11-33x50mm angled spotter

    I have a vortex razor 50mm spotter it is the angled version and is in mint condition. This thing has made many trips in the truck and side by side always in a soft case. The glass is flawless! There is not a mark on the spotter. The only thing I can not find for the life of me is the eye piece...
  19. CaseyU

    WTS Cabelas euro, meopta meostar B1 10×42

    I have a set of Cabelas euro 10x42. These do not have the locking diopeter. Which i believe they referred to as B1.1. The glass is flawless and have always been carried in a full harness. These come with a marsupial bino harness in small(used for season, small stains by eye cups) and an...
  20. CaseyU

    WTB Wanted carbon tall tripod

    I am looking for a carbon tripod with no more than 3 leg sections. (Looking for something sturdy). Benro tad27c, slik 234c. Somethimg that will get to atleast 63" and somewhere around 3 pounds. Let me know what you got. I have venmo and PayPal. Someone has to be upgrading to something more...