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  1. Xtorminator

    YOUR success rate on elk.

    Been hunting elk for 25 years. I’ve taken 21 elk, 15 bulls and 5 cows with archery and 1 cow with a muzzleloader. All have been OTC and public or timer co land. I have never kept track of the number of days in the field. I’ve killed a few on the first day and some towards the end of the season...
  2. Xtorminator

    When to bring the stove?

    We pack ours on every trip. We weather can change quickly. On this hunt it went from hot and sunny to snow. We could have done it without the stove but it sure was nice.
  3. Xtorminator

    Bow setup for women

    My wife is shooting a PSE Stiletto at 48# and a 23 inch draw. She has taken a few elk with no penetration issues. First cow the arrow stopped in the off shoulder It was shot at 20 yards. The second cow the broadhead was tenting the off side hide. This one was shot at 40 yards. Her bull was...
  4. Xtorminator

    Firstlite Corrugate Guide Pants

    Sold pending funds.
  5. Xtorminator

    Firstlite Corrugate Guide Pants

    I don't have a PayPal. Money order only.
  6. Xtorminator

    Firstlite Corrugate Guide Pants

    New Corrugate guide pants for sale. Size large Fusion camo Price $125
  7. Xtorminator

    Sawtooth users !

    Two people and gear will not be a problem. Three would be tight only because of where the third person would sleep. There is plenty of room otherwise.
  8. Xtorminator

    Let's see your elk pack!

    T2 with a couple BOMB bags inside.
  9. Xtorminator

    2015 Elk Meat Pole

    Nine days in the back country before this one hit the ground.
  10. Xtorminator

    2015 ELK Photo Contest

    Snuck in on this guy bugling in his bed. Got in close, let out a bugle and watched him rise up out of the ground.
  11. Xtorminator

    Got my 2014 Wy bull back

    Looks good. There's nothing like getting them back and reliving the memories. [emoji106]🏻
  12. Xtorminator

    How many pair of pants do u pack?

    Just wear a pair in and a spare pair in the truck.
  13. Xtorminator

    First mature bird