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    Beaver trapping 2021-22

    One of my most enjoyable outdoor pursuits was trapping. Started with dry land fox, coon, and coyote then trapped water the following fall into winter under ice beaver. Local ditches and streams. Caught many in the 50’s, two mid 60’s and one 73lb’r that was on the outskirts of a local town...
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    Fed up with forum gougers..anyone else?

    I for one am somewhat conflicted by this conundrum. I’ve reloaded my own ammo for over 30 years, started building rifles for myself and others 15+ years ago, and have amassed a fair amount of components for ammo. Not a ton of any one thing, but a hell of a lot of most everything. When I saw a...
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    Winter Food Sources

    Any clear cut with low growing brush will be browsed on. Basically any area that has a lot of buds/branch ends within reach. White cedar is a favorite if there’s any around along with conifers for winter thermal cover.
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    6.5 Grendel Hunting Bullet

    Still need to get penetration. But with the moderate velocity rounds, any standard cup and core bullet works well. I’ve used the 120gr Speer gold dot, which is bonded but that’s part of the jacket plating process. Also both 100 and 120 Nosler bt’s, and look at Maker bullets along with Cavity...
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    V3X 33 vs 29

    I’m looking at selling my V3 31 for the 33, hopefully it will give me the stability and consistency I felt was lacking with my 30” draw…. I was shooting 515gr TKO’s (250’s) at 286fps, so it it puts me in the 275ish realm with better consistency I feel it would be a worthwhile trade off. We...
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    Post Your 7 SAUM Custom Rifles Please!

    Here’s a 7 RSAUM on a Rem Model Seven action and a lightweight Heym HF barrel blank (top rifle). Shot a small buck last year at 375 with it and it’s a hell of a handy rifle.
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    New rifle cartridges legal in Iowa

    I think the majority of IA hunters are on board with it. So far this year I’ve built 3 358 Win rifles (re-barreled 450 BM’s) and finished 1 out of 4 35 WSM’s so far, along with making some ammo for a friends 35 Whelen. All for IA this year.
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    Wisco Gun Opener 2021

    Sunday was much better, more deer movement and with my brother in law and nephew we filled two buck tags and a doe. Nothing special, 1 1/2 yo bucks and a good sized doe, but we had a lot of fun and got some exercise getting 3 deer back to the truck 1 1/4 miles away…thank God for game carts!
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    Wisco Gun Opener 2021

    Hunted all day, saw 2 coyotes and 7 does. Was extremely quiet for an opener.
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    How to Make Bear Ham: Wet Brine and Smoked on a Traeger

    I’ve brined (corned) both elk and deer, coated in pepper and smoked on my Traeger then finish off cooking covered with a little water in the oven. Let cool, wrap tight and refrigerate…makes a GREAT pastrami. Use it for lunch meat and the best Ruebens.
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    Wild Animal Fat

    When I was a kid I remember my dad butchering deer shot in northern WI and he always left a fat cap on the loin steaks, about 1/4” worth. I also still remember drinking a glass of cold milk after eating said loin steaks pan fried….never forget that coating of ‘wax’ on the inside of your mouth...
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    What do these bucks Score?

    I would say other than the yearling, all of those are shooter bucks for a very respectable whitetail. Use a scent drag on the way in and sit early morning through 9-10:00 and the call/rattle good areas while scouting more territory.
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    Victory TKO w/ Outsert Issue after the shot

    So the ‘new’ victory half out system looks different/upgraded to me and not like this design. The ones I recently got have an insert that is epoxied inside the shaft well past the collar and seems as if it would be much stronger. Yes, no???
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    Help with New Deer/Elk Arrow

    Just this year I got into a V3 31, 70lb, 30” draw with the 85 mods, limb bolts are cranked all the way down, so whatever that put me at. A fellow worker has a pt job at a good archery shop and I had him build me a set of Victory RIP TKO’s, 250’s. He used the factory 50gr halfouts with 50gr...
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    Mathews V3 Speed question

    I think that’s where it would be, maybe 73lbs +-? Haven’t scaled it.
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    Mathews V3 Speed question

    I had some difficulty getting used to my bow. Ended up getting help with adjusting top hats and getting it tuned with the rest at center. After that I picked up 3-4 FPS and bow started shooting more consistently…or I did. Anyway, I like it, but it’s not as forgiving as my 17 year old Hoyt...
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    Mathews V3 Speed question

    I have the same bow, 70lb maxed out, drawing 30” shooting a 515 gr arrow. It clocks repeatedly at 286 to 288 FPS.
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    Riflescope failure signs

    Try dry firing your rifle and see if the reticle jumps. Had a Leupold straight 6x that did that and grouped vertically…replaced scope and it went to shooting bugholes.
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    What's your favorite caliber?

    I think I’ve used something different about every year, but have gravitated towards lighter, handy, flatter shooting rifles lately. 7 RSAUM was last years with a 24” lightweight bbl on a Rem model seven action. 6.5 RSAUM was in there, a 6.5x55 Swede, 308, and a cool old 71 Winchester in 348...
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    Archery hunting in central NC

    Watch the wind and learn to use available cover as a makeshift ground blind. Can be very effective. Find several heavily used trail intersections between food and cover, and setup downwind with cover at your back and a light screen of cover in front. I killed my first half dozen deer with...