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    60-inch Club Troy Sessions customers calling

    I'm posting on this forum only about the four groups who have contacted me reporting negative experiences this year with Troy Sessions hunt planning. I can't help them for four years, but you guys should know what's being reported, IMO. One of his charter companies evidently are telling his...
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    Hold on to your GMU 23/26A Shorts boys

    WTF? I was schooled to believe the OSM was a conduit for supporting subsistence priorities in Alaska, but I didn't realize they actually spoonfeed and coddle those mutherfuckers! From: "Voorhees, Hannah H" <[email protected]> Subject: Seeking your feedback on WSA21-01, requesting closure...
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    Anyone see this guy?

    Am I completely missing some special use lottery where shooting a caribou with a rifle is legal along the Alyeska Pipeline/ Haul Rd? WTF...view this vid from 17:35 and behold what is clueless, or set me straight please.
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    Griz chew toy repairs

    For those of you GMU 23 hunters who have had bear problems with rafts being used as chew toys by's a repair vid for the next time! In this video I demonstrate how to make a permanent conventional repair on a Pioneer Xstream and also a PR49HD repair solely with Flex Tape. Hope this...
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    TAG Bags How to repair a hole

    Here's how to repair a hole, tear or rip in your TAG Bags (or other synthetic brand)
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    Bushcraft tips from the backcountry

    Realized while sifting through this year's footage that I was droppin some serious bushcraft lessons on film. I usually edit out bad hair days and dookie stains, but not for this one. Hope you guys get a few nuggets worth from your time...
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    Rare harvests this year

    Not very often do we get to harvest a young cow (delish) and a wolf! Water was too low to shoot much else, and my ol pal Chachi (15y/o mutt) braved another wild trip with aches and age. Been home for two days now and she hasn't moved much from the couch to floor to food bowl. These are my...
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    How to De bone sheep and TAG Bags

    Found this on an old youtube channel i had years ago. Transferred the video to the current channel: Hope it helps. LB
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    Federal Proposals to CLOSE Alaska's GMU 23 and 26A to caribou and moose hunters

    I'm saying NO to this closure proposal because it is another blatant, arbitrary misuse of the federal system by Northwest Arctic Native communities to propose closing federal lands for hunting to all non-local people. This illegitimate proposal has no scientific merit, no biological necessity...
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    Hunt Alaska Magazine ONLINE seminars

    This just went live. I chose Float Draggin' Alaska as my 94 min "seminar." Enjoy this free opportunity to learn some stuff. lb
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    Interesting Alaska Development The move by Dunleavy to effect Alaska's sovereignty over substrate rights to navigable streams across the state will, if undisputed, stop the decades old fight of state vs. fed ownership...
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    Public Trust video

    I may be late to the conversation if this has posted before... Have y'all seen this production. Pretty informative and appalling. Curious what the common hunter thinks of it...
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    Why Wilderness?

    Hey Y'all, was visiting a Forest Service cabin this past week in SE Alaska. Monsoon rain in the Alexander Archipelago ain't nothin' to envy, but it did lend some time reading old literature from the site by lantern light. I hope you make time to read this poetic long-forgotten way of writing...
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    Prep for wet season in AK

    Man it has been WET this summer and intro to fall. Meat care challenges get real with wet and/or warm seasons. Just posted a Wilderness Meat Care video to give you an edge this season. In the meat care section...
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    Backcountry Meat Care video

    I was asked by UAF Arctic Biology to present "Mitigating Spoilage in the Backcountry" Was suppose to deliver this in March but COVID smeared that scheduled for October 2, 2020 in Fairbanks via ZOOM. However, It's solid Meat Care info that you might be able to use this season...
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    Troy Session AK Hunt Planner a thief?

    I can't even fathom how anyone in the know would support a man like this, but it doesn't sit well with me at all. Guys like this make me disappointed in the human enterprise. It is rare that I make a personal opinion about anyone unless it's absolutely necessary for public protection against...
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    Alaska's Corona Virus Impacts

    Local cities in Alaska are cancelling public gatherings, university and public schools and sports events due to the threat of the virus. As of today, all state and federal travel is cancelled as well as meetings, conventions, and events. This prompted me to worry about the upcoming spring...
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    Roll-Away Backcountry Sleds

    Hey folks, those that are familiar with my videos often ask about the DIY sleds I use for backcountry expeditions for hunting. I recently collaborated with Northern Sledworks in Fairbanks, AK, and he's now offering this sled on his website...
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    Bartlett Float Drag

    9 days of F'that conditions, but we pulled it off. conditions sucked for water levels in the North so we only shot one bull. A little taste of fun! LB
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    Project Bloodtrail on Youtube

    Happy 10-year anniversary for Project Bloodtrail. Since its creation our audience has had fewer missteps with meat care in remote settings. It's now FREE to enjoy! If you haven't watched it and plan to hunt Alaska, or anywhere there's no excuse for meat care issues. Larry