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  1. Grease

    Sold SWFA SS HD 3-9x42

    nice snag!!
  2. Grease

    WTB 34mm Low, Seekins or Vortex

    FOUND.... WTB..34mm Low, Seekins or Vortex PMR. Thanks.
  3. Grease

    WTB 34mm rings Seekins or Vortex PMR

    FOUND.... Want to buy Seekins or Vortex Precision Match Rings 34mm Low.
  4. Grease

    WTS VG6 Muzzle Break, 30 cal

    It will work as long as your barrel is threaded 5/8x24
  5. Grease

    WTS Manfrotto Ball Head, MH496

    Manfrotto Ball Head MH496, with adapter plate. New without box or paperwork. asking $50 shipped.
  6. Grease

    WTS VG6 Muzzle Break, 30 cal

    VG6 Gamma Muzzle Brake, 30 cal. 5/8x24 thread. installed on rifle but never fired. Sold rifle and have no use for it. asking $50 tyd
  7. Grease

    Sold Bushnell LRTSi 4.5-18x44 NIB

    LRTSi 4.5-18x44 Mil, FFP illuminated G3 reticle. New in the box. asking $850 shipped.
  8. Grease

    Sold Tikka T3x-T3 bolt handle

    Mountain Tactical bolt handle, new in pkg. $65 shipped.
  9. Grease

    Sold LRHSi 4.5-18x44 G2H illuminated

    Bushnell LRHSi 4.5-18x44 Mil, FFP.. glass is perfect, there are couple small scratches on elevation cap and one on windage cap, Has been setting ia a pair of Seekins Precision rings, Comes with MK Machining caps and throw lever, sunshade and original box with instruction manual. Asking $800 TYD
  10. Grease

    300 wsm, what dies?? Has good prices on dies and very helpful
  11. Grease

    300 wsm, what dies??

    I like Redding dies, and generally only size the neck with their bushing die until the bolt gets a little sticky, then use a Redding body die to bump the shoulder back and resize the brass. Seating die either a Redding or Forster micrometer seating die. I use a universal decapping die and also a...
  12. Grease

    WTS Tikka T3x .308 CTR

    Weekend bump
  13. Grease

    WTS Tikka T3x .308 CTR

    Tikka T3x CTR .308 JRTXC316 Bought new about two years ago, I never shot it, the only shots through it were the factory test shots. 20" barrel, 1:11 twist, 10 shot mag, 0 MOA Picatinny rail, 5/8-24 muzzle thread. Asking $950 or best offer, shipped from my FFL to yours.
  14. Grease

    WTB .260 Remington

  15. Grease

    Elk calling in Bear Country.

    I have also called in two Black Bears recently while cow/calf calling for Elk, one was a beautiful Cinnamon boar. Unfortunately Bear season was not open at that time. I will be trying again come November 5th.
  16. Grease

    Help with choosing components for new 300

    I just built a new 300 win. Defiance GA Hunter action, Bsrtlien #4 CF 26” 1-9 twist, chambered for 215 Berger’s, McMillan UL Game Hunter, triggertech primary, Hawkins brake. Mark5 hd 3.6-18 and Seekins rings. Its shooting bug holes 0.020 off the lands with ADG brass, 74.5 gr H1000 at 2900 fps...
  17. Grease

    FNG from Northern AZ

    Thanks, I’m out in Blue Ridge.
  18. Grease

    Which Scope Rings Do You Like?

    Seekins… and never look back.