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    Pack goats?

    Has anyone every use them? I read a brief article on them and now I am interested in them. Apparently a good pack goat can carry 45lbs. Seems like one to two goats could really help out on a pack out or maybe packing in the family.
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    Cooking off kifaru oval stove?

    How many of you guys cook off one? Do you still bring your jet boil to heat up water? Or just a cup or pan? How long does it take to boil water? Basically what gear can I cut since now I will be using a wood stove. Any thoughts or advice will help. Thanks
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    Practicing my bugling.

    Do any of you have some tips for making realistic chuckle and grunt noises? I feel mine sound to man made. The rest of the calling sounds are sounding good. Thanks
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    Recurve draw weight?

    Planning my first moose hunt for this fall and was wondering how much weight should I be pulling? Here's my set up- 52lbs draw weight Axis arrows Arrow weight 540gn Arrow speed 188fps Broadhead single bevel 2 blade
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    Flipper rest

    How many of you guys shoot off of a rest? Do you shoot vanes? Hold tighter groups? Thoughts?
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    New gear or more hunting trips?

    This year I am thinking about buying some new gear. Manly a new Hoyt CST and a new A&H longbow. Maybe a few new hunting duds too. As I start doing the math I realized holy cow that's a lot of money and I could go on a couple out of state hunts for the cost of this stuff. I am very blessed...
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    Elk call challenge

    I've been watching the push up challenge and thought why not a elk calling challenge. Seems like a good way to learn from all of us a rokslide. Does anybody want to give it a try?
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    Tag stew x 6 years = frustration.

    So for the last six years I've been trying to kill any legal elk with a bow. I've been doing it all off my back and have became in love with backpack hunting and the pains of preparation. I've drowned myself in elk related and mnt hunting books,spent many of hours studying maps, practiced...
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    Calling elk. Best instructor.

    So I've been driving deep into the art of calling elk and practicing until my tongue is raw every day. I was wondering who is your favorite caller and who has the best how to information? I was lucky enough to spend a weekend with Joel Turner and became very motivated to learn how to sound like...
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    Elk sounds???

    Anybody know of any sources for elk sounds? I've already have Sounds By The Elk from Elknut. I just want to double check the information. Maybe a source that says what each sound means? Once again I have all of Elknuts stuff just looking for more. Thanks Luke
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    Who founded Rokslide?

    This may be a dumb question, I have no idea who the founding members are. Or their back grounds. I'm gonna assume that they are top notch hunters who live and breath the outdoors.
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    How many of you folks feel that camo is needed to hunt the mnts? I'm planning on buying all new hunting clothes for 2013, but with price of this stuff makes me want to use it more than a couple of months out of the year. Does buying natural colors make sense? I would hate to blow a shot at a...
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    How long do you hold on target?

    As I was practicing today I started holding on target for 3 seconds and was amazed how much my shooting improved. The only thing bad I noticed was I couldn't shoot as many arrows. Not that that is a bad thing. I did find it a little tuff to hold on target as opposed to holding at ancher.
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    Do you use turkey decoys for deer?

    Have any of you tried using turkey decoys for whitetail? Or have you tried some light calling from your stand ? The deer get pretty jumpy around here,so I've been playing around with the calling part. I was thinking that this might calm em down a little. Maybe I'm an idiot, but I'm gonna use...
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    Marco polo

    Has anyone ever hunted these? I've never seen anything posted on here. Some pics would be pretty cool. What country, who'd use for a guide,ect.
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    What are you guys using for silencers? I started out with the good old beaver balls. Then I ran into rain and freezing temps and wound up with ice cubes. So I switched to various rubber ones and settled with cat whiskers. They seem to work great and last forever. The downside is I think they rob...
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    Wife as a hunting partner?

    How many of you guys hunt with your wives on backpacking hunting trips? I'm wondering if this is a good idea. I know that my wife would love the senery, but I'm not so sure how she'd hold up to the physical part of it.
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    How close ?

    How close is to close as far as base camp goes for elk. I've always tried be right on top of when selecting a camp site. After a few years of blowing elk out these areas I'm starting to think that I'm to close. Maybe I should ease back a bit and not stink up my hunting area. How far do guys stay...
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    Confidence kills

    How many of you guys feel that the trad gear is better for hunting? Whenever I run my compound I always feel at a disadvantage. It just seems that there is to many things that can go wrong with all those gadgets. Or maybe it's because I shoot the trad gear so much more.
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    Advice please

    Looking to book a mnt goat hunt for next year and have no idea where to start. I was thinking b.c and maybe a combo hunt for mnt caribou. Any advice on outfitters or areas would be great. A rough idea on cost may be useful to.