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  1. crumy

    Anyone tape their ankles?

    I have been continuously doing my training hikes around some parks here and I sprained my ankle about a month and 1/2 ago. I let it sit for almost a solid month before I started back... Twice now I have rolled it since then.. Not major, but definitely made it hurt.. Am thinking about...
  2. crumy

    Any Roksliders in Columbus, Ohio?

    Unfortunately, I recently left Wyoming and moved to Columbus, Ohio where we could be closer to family. Was wondering if there are any Roksliders around. I am up North around Lewis Center. Jim
  3. crumy

    Any opinions on Vortex Vulture 15x56 binos

    They are around 700 bucks cheaper than the Kaibabs. Functionally are they a good deal? Elk / mule deer hunting when you don't want to carry 6 lb spotter with you. or is spending the extra money on viper HD or kaibabs worth it.. 200 or 700 bucks can buy a lot of stuff.
  4. crumy

    Handheld vs watch gps suunto ambit/Garmin tactix

    Which side of fence you on? Handheld gps or watch style. Been using handheld and thought about watch style for this year. Not worried about chips for blm land or anything. Only waypoint mgmt. but if I go watch I will need a goal zero for charging and think that us a heavier option...
  5. crumy

    Need your opinions on what to do

    I drew a pretty good elk tag in Wyoming and it is going to be a helluva pack in and out. So weight will be be a big deal. I am considering leaving my spotter at home and just taking in binos. Yet I want as much viewing range as possible and I don't think think my 8x42 leuopolds are going to...
  6. crumy

    Looking to make a kryptek pant purchase

    I am looking to purchase some new pants for this upcoming ELK season.. Looking for all around pant that I can wear during Archery Season and rifle in Wyoming. Want something that is mobile and allows me to walk and be durable. They have so many types and I am hoping to get some feedback...
  7. crumy

    Go Ruck

    I have been asked by a couple of guys I work with to join them in a GoRuck Challenge. From what I can tell, not really a competition against other teams but more of a competition against your mental state and your ability to suck it up. So this might not be the brightest thing I have done...
  8. crumy

    Trophy Mounts Why do you do it?

    Ok.. so this might get some good conversation going or it could be a lame duck. But I wanted to put this out here after a conversation I had with a friend who came over to my house. I have Two antelope, a mule deer, a white tail from Ohio, turkey and , an elk with one at the taxidermist at...
  9. crumy


    So I finally broke down and purchased one of the rifles on my wish list. A colt m4 carbine. Now the next one on my list is a 338. I can read stuff all over the internet about lapua, Norma, edge. But wanted to hear from you guys. I know there is a mix of people shooting each variety on...
  10. crumy

    What is your most bonehead move ?

    I was answering a post and it came to me that there are have been a lot of "sharing" posts on here lately ... how far is to far?, what is the most expensive thing you lost, etc.... SO I thought I would ask.. "What is your most bonehead move?" So here is mine... what is yours? I am "newer"...
  11. crumy

    My knee. What did I do

    Ok this is strange but after walking about 5 miles in 10 inches of snow I could barely walk on it and lifting it to get in truck caused searing pain. So of course I didn't go to doctor. I got a brace from Walmart and wore it for 5 days. Now it feels ok, but every now and then it twinges...
  12. crumy

    Already planning out 2014 Elk season.......

    Ok.. I am not asking for you secret hunting spot or the lat/long of where you scored your bull but I am just asking for some general advice for 2014. I think I am going to try to venture outside of Wyoming in the 2014 season and was wondering what some decent parts of Colorado would be...
  13. crumy

    My Crumy Wyoming Wilderness Hunt

    Well I made it off and got all the meat and camp with the the help of my hunting partner. We only had one small encounter with a grizzly but it was as much as a non-event as it was an event. So not too bad. It rained and hailed first 4 days with snow on 5th. Walked out to dry and then back...
  14. crumy

    Any Last Minute Advice - First Time extended stay in backcountry

    I have spent 2-3 nights with short hikes living off my back to practice but Friday I am going to do it for "real". Using Megatarp with a bugaboo Bivy II . Actually planning on staying 10 days. I know that is a really long time, but I get one shot at this due to my job so want to make it...
  15. crumy

    Diamondback spotter

    Ok. I've searched and not found to much so thought I would ask. Has anyone spent any time with diamondback spotter. I want a spotter for this year but sort of not sure if I need a razor hd. Definitely going with vortex because i am loving my viper pst scope. I was thinking about...
  16. crumy

    Check in time for scouting

    This weekend seems to be the weekend to go scouting. I'm in with two other guys and I know a few others from rokslide are on the woods to. How many of us are in and what are you seeing. I leave in the am on sat and will check in Sunday
  17. crumy

    Does your belly get sore

    Question for you. I put 65 lb in pack today and did a 4 mile bike trail today. Been doing it with 45 or 55 with no issues but today the belt buckle seemed to hurt a little. Granted I don't have abs of steel or even aluminum but just wondered if any one else got that. The thought crossed...
  18. crumy

    What do wear in when on initial walk in

    I am thinking about wearing some convertible pants in lieu of reg cotton shorts. What do you wear
  19. crumy

    What are the best seat covers

    I did a check and there is one thread about a seat cover guy from montana and not much other info. Who of you have seat covers and what kind are they? I was on cabelas and they had quite a few and then there are plenty others that show up in google. What type works and doesn't work? I...
  20. crumy

    Have to share

    Just did a 2 mile pavement hike with 72 pounds in a bikini dt1 in 38 min 40 sec. Felt great. Didn't notice it on my back. My legs knew something was up but that was first heavy walk of year. Think I will keep it that weight for a while and go up later. Intention is to go in country...