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    Crispi Lapponia discontinued or just sold out ?

    I decided to try these but they are out of stock everywhere. Are the discontinued or just sold out everywhere ? Thanks in advance.
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    Colorado 2022

    So I'm looking into drawing a deer tag in 2022 and using my 11 points. I'm looking into 3rd or 4th season. Every unit I've looked into has mixed reviews (this doesn't bother me). So here's my question. Without being overly familiar with any of the units would I be better to draw a 8-11 point...
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    WTS Trijicon Scopes 3-18 & 4.5-30

    I have 2 NIB Trijicon Tenmile scopes. 3-18x44 MRAD Precision Tree reticle. $1150 plus shipping. 4.5-30x56 MRAD Precision Tree reticle $1600 plus shipping. Feel free to message me with questions.
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    WTS Trijicon Tenmile Scopes

    Double post.
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    WTS New Peterson .338 Lapua Brass 250ct.

    #1 I have 250 CT of Peterson. 338 lapua brass. I'd take $500 (Lowered from $520. This is $20 less than retail price before before shipping fees. All I could find in stock was $162 per 50 ). PayPal preferred. You pay fees for G&S. If I don't find a buyer soon I may split into 50 count lots.
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    WTS NiB Razor 27-60x85 straight

    I have a NIB Vortex Razor 27-60x85 Straight spotter. Only removed it from the box for pictures. $1300 shipped.
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    Shangral-la 5 liner ?

    I have a Go Lite Shangra-la 5. I really like the size, weight, and how easy it is to pitch. My only issue is condensation. I will be in a wet and chilly area this fall. I dont want to leave the door open or pitch off the ground because of the rain/snow. So short of selling my shelter and...
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    WTS 55% off Swarovski optic Certificate

    I picked this up at a rifle match but I dont have the funds to use it. It is good until Dec. 31 of 2019. I'd like to get $1000 for it. Thanks.
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    Wyoming unit 38 type 9 input

    I'm considering drawing this tag in 2018. I was wondering if anyone has hunted this season in the last few years that would be willing to share a opinion on the hunt (dont need your honey holes). Id be interested in the time frame of your hunt, hunter pressure, and how vocal/callable the...
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    2017 or 2018 Wyo Elk Question

    I will have 7 points going into next year's draw and would like to spend them next year or the year after. I'm a NR so wilderness will be off limits. Trailhead camping and backpack hunting is a option (not sure about backpacking with grizzlies) I'd love to get a Crack at a 6x6 in the 300"...
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    Golite SL5 with stove ?

    I picked up a SL5 with a stove jack on the classifieds. It has a stove jack in it so Imuch considering picking up a Tigoat Med. WIFI. So how well will it work with the SL5 ? I've never used a stove. Any advise on my setup or tips. Thanks!
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    WTS/WTT Swarovski STS HD 65 with 20-60 eyepiece

    (Traded) Swarovski STS HD 65 with 20-60 eyepiece I have a used Swarovski STS HD 65 with a 20x60 eyepiece. It is used and the green is faded some. It is also missing the Swarovski emblems on the side. Glass is in great shape. I have a neoprene score cover and case that goes with it...
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    Badlands 2200

    I purchased this pack about 1 year ago in the summer of 2014. It has been used on several hunts but has no rips,stains, or other defects. Asking $200 shipped. Postal money order prefered.
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    FN Okie

    Just joined. There seems to be a overload of interesting things happening here. I've hunted Co.,Wyo., and Idaho for deer, antelope, elk, and moose and I hope to hunt as many places and species as I can afford.