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  1. robby denning

    Welcome to ILikeGear-webinars for gear junkies

    Hi all, meet Aaron from ILIKEGEAR. His company is pretty unique in this industry. They are a group of Military Veterans and avid hunters that provide detailed and unbiased reviews on outdoor gear through live webinars. In these webinars, they cover the pros and cons, and which conditions the...
  2. robby denning

    New Leica 32mm RF/bino?

    didn't see this in a search. Anyone got one yet? Sounds fantastic in size (loved the 32 sizes I've used in Zeiss/Swaro') but this has an RF. @Josh Boyd are you getting any?
  3. robby denning

    Social Media Guidelines for Hunters

    Hey Roksliders. I’d like to put a short chapter in my book about what is expected by hunters on social media these days. Now for those of you who hate social media, I don’t need to hear from you, There are plenty of threads on this social media site covering that. But we’ve had some very...
  4. robby denning

    Arizona Wildlife Management under attack

    Well here’s one more reason to have a broad base of hunters. Here’s the summary of it, get out there and support it, because they won’t stop at predators “Science based wildlife management is under attack in Arizona. Comments opposing the legal management of Mt. Lion, Bear and Bobcat have...
  5. robby denning

    The Pandemic Effect, by onX Hunt

    Great article funded by onX Hunt. I’ve seen just about every topic in the article argued on this forum. Here’s the data to both support and disupute those debates: @Jordan Budd
  6. robby denning

    Vote on the 2021 Best Mule Deer Hunt Photo, sponsored by Kryptek

    Super sorry this has taken me so long to get posted–it’s on me as my staff finished up voting in December. Anyway…. The Rokslide staff has voted on the 2021 finalists based on the rules in the entry thread Now it's Rokslide members' turn to pick the winners. Our friends at Kryptek have put...
  7. robby denning

    Welcome Mountain Tactical—Tikka Specialists

    Hey all, been working with Greg from Mountain Tactical (@mtgreg) these last few months getting to know them. They can take your Tikka (and more) to the next level. Here’s some info on what Mountain Tactical is all about: Mountain Tactical is 10 years old and our product offering includes...
  8. robby denning

    Vote on the 2021 Best Elk Photo, sponsored by Kifaru

    The Rokslide staff just voted on the 2021finalists based on the rules in the entry thread Now it's Rokslide members' turn to pick the winners. This is the 6th year of this contest. Our friends at Kifaru have put up a $750 Gift Certificate for 1st place again this year!!!! That's 750...
  9. robby denning

    Wyoming Mule Deer Win—go MDF!

    This is how we increase hunter opportunity in the West over the long term: If you’re not a member of MDF, please consider joining.
  10. robby denning

    Vote on the 2021 Best Sheep Photo Contest

    The Rokslide staff just voted on the finalists based on the entry rules here Now it's Rokslide members' turn to pick the winners. First place takes home the Stone Glacier's SKY 5900/X-curve Frame Second place will be sleeping in the Stone Glacier's Skyscraper 2P Tent Here are the rules we...
  11. robby denning

    Official Rokslide Sponsor Black Friday/Holiday Deals Thread

    Hey all, after working with members on the best way to post these, we’ve come up with a CLOSED THREAD where all deals will be posted. My son Cash is working with sponsors to get everything posted for all Black Friday/Holiday sales & promos. There’s already quite a few deals on there at link...
  12. robby denning

    Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Holiday Rokslide Sponsor Deals 2021

    Hi all this thread will be updated through the Holiday Season 2021 with Rokslide Sponsor Deals. This will save you some time in searching the forum for the best deals from Rokslide sponsors. My son @Cashman is doing the posting, so don't shoot the messenger! The thread is locked so it stays...
  13. robby denning

    Question for you guys on Black Friday post

    Hey guys, thanks for supporting the site and all our sponsors. I’d have ditched this gig years ago if you hadn’t! Anyway, with BF coming up, I know we get random threads posted on BF Deals. Totally helpful but they seem scattered about And hard to find. Wondering if I reached out to sponsors...
  14. robby denning

    Let’s just say you could pick any Yeti Drinkware

    Let’s just say that Rokslide is about to turn 10 years old (thanks everyone), and we wanted to award some of our most faithful members with our favorite Drinkware Company’s Gear (YETI), Complete with Rokslide logo, what would your choice be from those listed below? Please vote in the poll above...
  15. robby denning

    Please Welcome Hunting Gear Deals, Rokslide Sponsor

    Hey Rokslide, please meet Camron Stover of Hunting Gear Deals. He's a long-time member who owns the company. He's sponsoring the Gear Deals subforum, so watch for his banner there. you'll see him on Rokslide as @Hunting Gear Deals Here's some more about his unique company: Hunting Gear...
  16. robby denning

    Tell us what weapon type, win Novagrade Universal Digiscoping Gear!

    Hey Roksliders. 11/5/21 update: winner has been chosen. Thanks! Our partner Novagrade--sponsor of the elk forum-- and maker of high-quality digiscoping gear for phones, tablets, and cameras wants to support your digiscoping endeavors with a giveaway of Winner's Choice of any Novagrade...
  17. robby denning

    Free Novagrade Digiscoping Gear! Just tell us your weapon choice

    Hey Roksliders. Our partner Novagrade--sponsor of the elk forum--maker of high-quality digiscoping gear for phones, tablets, and cameras wants to support your digiscoping endeavors with a giveaway of Winner's Choice of any Novagrade Digiscoping Product! There are two giveaways going on, one...
  18. robby denning

    Hunters kill charging grizzly, Idaho

    Just happened in Island Park, unit 61. Too bad for the bear but she shouldn’t charge armed hunters. Wonder how effective the bear spray was? Maybe enough to give the other guy a good shot. Wonder if he Glocked her? To my knowledge only archery season open up there so prolly not packing a...
  19. robby denning

    Incredible story: Bowhunter finds lost bowhunter after 53 years

    And his ID was still readable in his wallet! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  20. robby denning

    Marine killed was from Bondurant, Wy

    Please don't turn this into a political thread because it's not. Just read that Rylee McCollum was from there. Was going to be dad in just a few weeks (grrrrrrr) Does anyone on here know him? Was he a Rokslider? (and we grieve for the other 12 lost, too....)