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  1. muleyman

    General season youth mule deer hunt in South East Idaho

    Come along with Matt (rumrzr) and myself (muleyman) as we take Tristan, Matts stepson on his first hunt for mule deer. I have scouted this general season unit in Idaho and located a couple of smoker bucks that we will be after, but we only have 3 days and if the opportunity for an ethical shot...
  2. muleyman

    Just a little tip/trick

    Just a little tip/trick: Some of you may know about this already but I thought I would share it anyway. My ears are very sensitive to loud noise and an important part of my hunting success, so I always use hearing protection when shooting, even when hunting. I use the ear plugs with a lanyard...
  3. muleyman

    What rests are you using?

    What rests are you guys using with the shorter vanes? Drop aways or standard? I'm going to be shooting AAE 2.6 with a strong helical and want to make sure I get plenty of clearance. Any advice would be very helpful as there seems to be an overwhelming number of rests on the market.