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  1. pickardjw

    Exo Mountain Gear contact

    They're a small company, only open 8a-4p mountain time Mon-Fri. They were probably closed yesterday for MLK too. Should be open now.
  2. pickardjw

    Social Media Guidelines for Hunters

    The new profile picture is incredible Glockster!
  3. pickardjw

    UA and Cam Hanes part ways

    Aaaaaand he just posted a pic of someone testing Origins wool clothing. Looks like whoever guessed that may be correct!
  4. pickardjw

    Petition/link for CO ban on pred hunting

    Letter sent. This Howl website is a smart idea. Makes it super easy to get involved. Went ahead participated in all of the issues they have posted.
  5. pickardjw

    Back to work Vax status

    My company has been doing these "daily assessments" every day for a while. Report whether you have symptoms or a close contact and whether you need to quarantine or not based on current policy. They eventually had a spot for voluntary reporting of vax status, then we had to upload our cards for...
  6. pickardjw

    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    @Mattrinella What are your thoughts on public land mapping software lowering the barrier to entry for hunters to find public land? Seems to me like that could be a major factor in public land crowding.
  7. pickardjw

    Luxe Hiking Gear Hot tents

    Lots of threads on Luxe on here. Made in China, distributed out of the US. Cheaper materials, lower quality than competitors, poor customer service, etc. Use the search function, you'll find all you need to know.
  8. pickardjw

    Whats the best quick release rifle system?

    I've like the SG but I did have my rifle come out unintentionally this year. Fortunately, last day of the hunt. And most definitely user error. Make sure that strap is seated in the quick release clamp properly. I think I had it a little off and the clamp wasn't fully secured. Fell on the dirt...
  9. pickardjw

    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    I thought Rokslide was an offroading forum for at least a year. Thought it was strange y'all talked about hunting so much...
  10. pickardjw

    Best bino harness w/ Pistol holster/carrier?

    I tried the marsupial on my SG harness and wasn't a fan. It was a little too tight for my P320 and I didn't like the location in general. Seemed difficult to draw while also not feeling all that secure. My hunting parter has been using his for a while now and likes it well enough though. Ended...
  11. pickardjw

    Let see your best camp photos!

    Sunrise at mule deer camp this year
  12. pickardjw

    Unfollowing Hunting Social Media Will Make Hunting Better: Matt Rinella Essay

    My favorite part of the article, "My brother Dan has joked about developing an internet-enabled rifle scope that automatically uploads kill shots to a hunter’s social media feed." I'd say the root cause is decreasing habitat, decreasing public land availability and private land monetization...
  13. pickardjw

    Cooler Ice Block Molds

    I used the Freshly gel packs for a while, a little big for a standard fridge/freezer combo and they bust after a couple uses.
  14. pickardjw

    Wyoming Corner Crossing defense fund

    This video from the Full Draw Film Tour this year was pretty awesome. Hunting landlocked public by helicopter. Obviously not an option for 99% of hunters. Anyone got a helicopter? I imagine the landowners would prefer walk in corner hopping access to getting buzzed over constantly!
  15. pickardjw

    Cooler Ice Block Molds

    I’d use ice just so I could dump weight in the cooler. Hunting out of an apartment can be rough on the back!
  16. pickardjw

    Cooler Ice Block Molds

    Can anyone recommend ice block molds so I can make some bulk ice for the cooler? I used Tupperware for a while and they ended up cracking. Would love some silicone ones but can’t really find anything that’s sizable. Would silicone bread molds work?
  17. pickardjw

    Tragic bear attack

    My post clearly says manual safety. It’s objectively easier to have a ND with a trigger safety than say a thumb safety. One requires you to accidentally pull the trigger, the other requires you to accidentally flip the safety and then pull the trigger. I’m not saying anyone should use one or...
  18. pickardjw

    Seek Shelter stove Q

    Yep, 18. Getting wood cut to size for smaller stoves is more of a pain than you'd think
  19. pickardjw

    Tragic bear attack

    Gotta love the same gun you own being the subject of a lawsuit and 54 claims that it will go off by itself...😅
  20. pickardjw

    Tragic bear attack

    I didn't say that training doesn't reduce the probability of a ND. I said it doesn't reduce the probability to zero, which is what bsnedeker stated. As in, the total absence of a possibility that an accident can occur. Because that is never zero. Wind Gypsy on the first page said he never...