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    Got bit

    I force fetched my 80 pound draht at 8 months of age. It changed the entire dynamic with him. My wife can handle him. He has a rawhide chew, she says "give" and he gives it up. Failure to comply is never an option. Some people should avoid owning some types of dogs.
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    Minnesota whitetail

    Congrats on a fine deer.
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    Ordered a TBAC 7 - Question about Compact Brake (CB) Mount

    I ship all my barreled actions to TBAC and have them chop and put on appropriate CB. Works great and TBAC has quick turn and solid pricing.
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    6.5CM and .223 Barrel Lengths

    Cut a 223 down to 16.5 and suppressed it works great. Been stopping at 18" on smallish 6.5 stuff. Depending on depth of flutes, a guy can still chop into them and thread for a suppressor.
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    Minnesota whitetail

    Neat hunt you'll always remember. What is length of that right beam?
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    7mm load data

    If you want total penetration and are shooting a 7mm Remington at 100 to maybe 200 yards based on one of your posts, I'd just use a Barnes. Pick one, work with it and if you get 1.5" groups, you are great to even 300 yards. In these times, I'd go that route vs testing bullets that will for sure...
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    Travel kennel for a Griff

    Intermediate should work. The Ruff Land kennels are good kennels. Advantage to them is they are light and in a pinch at a motel with an outside room door I can lug one in. The Gunners are cadillacs. I have a large one for my 80 plus pound draht and its perfect for him. Downside is its a heavy...
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    Question for the left handed shotgunners

    Benelli M2 lefty my son bought is quite nice. Personally, I'd go that route. His is a 20.
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    Colorado Unit 201 Elk

    How many points is 201 taking these days? Must be a handful.
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    7mm rem mag bullet choice

    Guy gets a 180 Scenar doing somewhere between 2875 and 2950 fps, you just use it on everything. Pretty easy. RL26, H1000, both will do it.
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    Dog has what?

    I just had to put down a 13 year old Griffon. A much loved family member. I've had to put down much younger dogs as well for a variety of health issues. I'd get a second opinion I think and if it matched the first one I'd try to get him out on as many short hunts as you could as soon as you...
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    School me on Gun Safes

    Sturdy safe brand is quite good.
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    Lyman 54 cal Deer Stalker & PRB

    My two cents. I'd buy some .530 roundballs, .015 thickness patches and probably .018 while you are at it. Using Goex ffg, Swiss ffg, Pyrodex ffg, I'd start at 60 grains and work up in 5 grain increments. It ought to shoot well somewhere between 70-100 grains I'd think. 54 hits hard with...
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    How long have you been at your current job?

    Worked for the man for 22 years. Worked on my own the last 11. Made more in last 11 than I did in 22 years. Now I have a small successful business and 2 great employees who I treat very well. Could retire but feel no need to ever stop working as I love what I am doing. Hoping down the road my...
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    Colorado Success!

    That's a fine buck there. Congratulations.
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    what traditional muzzleloader to add

    Some really nice Browning rigs on Campfire. If they were lefty, never made a lefty so I am safe, I'd buy one. They are in the classifieds and pricing is very fair on them. No relation to seller.
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    Favorite deer catridge/rifle.

    I hunt a lot of public ground. Muzzleloading season gives me a bit of a break from the orange army. So though I have nice centerfires, lately its been a 58 caliber hawken for my hunting.
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    Let's see some Traditional Harvests! (Muzzleloader)

    Was sitting in some tall prairie grass and this buck and a dink came out on their way to a corn field. The dink noticed my head and just had to come in. Got to about 8 yards and blew out taking the larger buck with him. Close to same spot 4 days later and this one walked into 22 yards for me...
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    Let's see some Traditional Harvests! (Muzzleloader)

    4 or 5 years ago, got this buck in western CO with the 54. Shooting it lefty was fine but this hunt motivated me to find a proper lefthanded rig. Roundballs are hard on critters.
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    Let's see some Traditional Harvests! (Muzzleloader)

    Like eating doe antelope from mid Sept. Snuck into 105 yards on a small herd and got this one with the 58 again.