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    WTB Left Hand 7mm Rem Mag

    Looking for a left hand 7mm rem mag, 7.5 lb or less (preferably <7), no brake/not threaded. Tikka, browning, sako, savage is what I was looking to find new but no luck. Scammers need not respond. Thanks guys.
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    Lumbar/fanny packs for whitetail hunting

    Looking for recommendations on a lumbar style pack for spot and stalk whitetail hunting in hardwood forests. I’ve killed my last three bucks using this method but I feel like my kifaru woodsman or eblerlestock x2 are overkill and the shoulder straps affect how I shoulder the rifle. The frames...
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    Unit 88 Colorado Antelope

    I got lucky and snagged a returned buck tag today. I was out there a few months ago just checking out the country so at least I’ve put eyes on a few areas. I’ve read all the online info so I’m aware of the potential for crowding and weekend pressure. I will not be able to get back out there...
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    WTB Seek Outside Silex

    Looking to buy a seek outside silex. Prefer stove jack but without is fine.
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    Rugged Meats

    I’m out almost every weekend doing something that requires me to eat out of a gallon ziplock bag of various food items so I joined the backcountry fuel box subscription to try new things. Last month they included Rugged Meats sticks and it was pretty good so I ordered more. Tough to not...
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    Zamberlan equivalent of scarpa kinesis pro?

    Anyone know which zamberlan boot might be similar to the scarpa kinesis pro? The scarpa is close to the perfect boot for me but I really have to get the lacing perfect and mess with it a few times early in a hike. A similar design or one close but with a slightly less stiff sole might also help.
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    WTS 270 WSM Ammo

    Prices do not include shipping. I have to ship some other ammo this week and can get an estimate. Brass are once fired empties just to be clear. I also have 40 pieces of once fired federal premium cases, 20 brass and 20 nickel if anyone is interested. Federal premium 130gr trophy bonded tip...
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    WTB 260 Rem Ammo - accubond or core-lokt

    I decided I’m going to do all my rifle hunting this year with my 260 rem. I’m looking for factory loaded nosler 130 gr accubond or Remington 140 gr core-lokt. Thanks guys
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    Wilderness Athlete Packout Bites

    I’ve been trying wilderness athlete’s packout bites and they’re my new favorite snack in the field. I’ve been using heather’s choice packaroons and while I still keep one in my food bag, I’ve just been getting bored with them. The packout bites look a little power-bar-ish but the flavor is...
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    Ticks!! (and wool)

    I went out to see if I could find that single turkey who’s tracks I found last year. When I was moving some stuff around in my pack at lunch, I set a firstlite chama on the ground and it instantly had two ticks on it. When I got home, I pulled FOUR ticks off the wool t-shirt I was wearing and...
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    2021 CO Big Game Brochure is out

    Just pulled it out of the mailbox.
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    Midway USA Alverstone Down Jacket and Vest Sale

    I just posted this under clothing but thought it might be useful here also.
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    Midway USA Alverstone Down Jacket and Vest

    I’ve had the Midway USA alverstone down jacket in green for several years now. Good warmth for the weight. I’ve used it fourth season backpack CO deer with other layers. I just picked up the vest (black) and wore it around today. Good product and on sale. I just thought I’d mention it for...
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    Seat cover/cushion for truck

    My 2020 Dodge Ram Laramie 1500 seats are brutal. Tons of adjustments but I can’t seem to find a comfortable setting. The main issue is that it feels like a big bulge in the center of my back and no support for the upper part. I’m not talking about the lumbar support either. I’ve adjusted...
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    WTS Woody Weatherford Hunter Knife

    I recently won this knife but I don’t really have a use for it. $175 shipped. Pics of the actual knife below and more info here:
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    New scale?

    Looking for a new kitchen scale for weighing packs of burger when butchering and other basic kitchen/packaging needs. I have a cuisinart that works great but it has a quick auto shutoff that annoys the hell out of my wife (always turning off). I’m looking for a replacement that has a manual...
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    LEM maxvac 250 or 500?

    We’re looking to replace our foodsaver vac sealer with one of the LEM models. The foodsaver is one of their better models but it overheats, which is the only reason we’re upgrading. My wife thinks the LEM 250 is fine since it has a fan, but I’m thinking about going up to the 500. Only draw...
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    CO Unit 161 Returned Tag Info

    I’ve been striking out on all of my deer tag options this year and was finally able to get a 3rd season buck tag for 161. I’ve been through the area on ice fishing trips but no other first hand experience. I’ll be going up at least once before the season starts. I’ll have all of the season...
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    Steamboat Springs Vacation Ideas

    I’m thinking about a short weekend getaway for my wife’s birthday in late September/early October. I’m familiar with the surrounding area from hunting but I’m wondering if anyone has recommendations on a nice place to stay as well as restaurants. We’ll probably take a drive through my hunting...
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    WTS Kifaru duplex belt coyote med

    Kifaru duplex belt in coyote medium. Bought about 3 years ago. I used this belt for about a year then I switched to a small. It’s been hanging in my hunting room since then. No tears, sweat stains or other issues. It does have a small amount of blood stain on a strap but has no smell and...