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  1. GLB

    Trad Tech 2.0 limbs

    Anybody know how the TT 2.0 recurve limbs are rated as far as the limb bolt setting? Minimum, Middle, at the bottom? I know they rate them on a 17” riser, I’m putting them on a 15” riser and looking to get 45 lbs at 26” DL on the bottom setting.
  2. GLB

    Lyman 54 cal Deer Stalker & PRB

    I have owned this rifle for over 20 years. I shot some Great Plains bullets and TC Maxi balls with good results many years ago. Looking for PRB loads that may work well with this particular rifle. I would use it for deer and black bear. It’s been so long since I have done any muzzle loader...
  3. GLB

    Hill Style/ASL Longbows Anyone?

    Dusted off my HH Wesley Special and decided to set it up with some carbon arrows. I usually reserve this bow for wood arrows but decided to change that. So far I have two different carbons flying good with a PO close to 25 yards each. I like what the carbons are doing to this bow so far. Anyway...
  4. GLB

    Cold 🥶 shots and New Strings.

    Shout out to Mountain Muffler Bowstrings. I ordered all new strings for my longbows and getting them ready for next season. I have been using his strings for several years and this time decided to give each LB it’s own colors.
  5. GLB

    Elevated Rest

    For those of you that went from shooting off the shelf to a elevated rest, how much more forgiving has it made your setup? Besides the tuning ease and potential to better arrow flight, are you finding it more forgiving in awkward shooting position, string torque, bad release and etc.?? Because...
  6. GLB

    Working that Gap

    After over 30 years of shooting split finger/instinctive I have switched to 3 under and gap shooting. For the past 2 1/2 months I have been working on the transitioning of gap shooting and the process of retuning my bows. The tuning process was a minor adjustment and the gap shooting came fairly...
  7. GLB

    Bivouac Backland Bow Review

    I’ve had this bow for a few days now and did a quick setup to get started shooting. Right off the bat I had some arrows I made for another bow that shot very well. The group in the picture was from 20 yards that included a bare shaft and broad heads. The bow has a 15” ILF riser and 23” short...
  8. GLB

    What to see in Sheridan WY?

    we are vacationing in the Blackhills going to Sheridan,WY tomorrow on the way to Billings, MT. What should we checkout? Museums?
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    Point On

    Last year I started working on using a “Point On” with my hunting bows. Being a instinctive split finger shooter for over 30 years I didn’t want to change into a “Gap Shooter” even though I can see some benefits in it. I like the idea to be able to accurately make a longer follow up shot if...
  10. GLB

    Early Morning Cold Bore Shots

    My morning cold shots. 1 at 20, 1 at 25 and 1 at 30 on the Caribou. 1 broadhead at 25 on block target.
  11. GLB

    X99 Bow String

    Anybody using X99 string for your recurve? I have been using it for a couple years on my longbow and very happy with it. I like the stability and feel I get using it on the longbow I received some for my recurve but haven’t tried it yet. I normally run D97 for recurves and wanted to give it a...
  12. GLB

    My 5 Day Cold Shot Challenge

    This was a 5 day challenge that I wanted to do as a confidence builder. I have seen others do something similar and thought that it was a good idea. I had shared these Photos each day with a friend and then decided I would share them here with you guys The rules I place on myself for this...
  13. GLB

    Knight Rolling Block KRB7

    I have had this muzzle loader setting around for years. i want to put it back in action. Looking for a peep sight like a Williams that would mount to the scope base holes. since this is an older rifle I’m not sure what would fit. Recommendactions?
  14. GLB

    45-70 Sharps

    Loaded some 530 grain cast for my Sharps rifle. I went with a known accuracy smokeless load and it did very well. We are having horrible winter weather right now so might be awhile to confirm this load But looks promising.
  15. GLB

    45/70 Sharps Rifle

    My wonderful Bride gave me a early Christmas gift this year. I have always wanted a Sharps rifle, and especially since a good fried of mine got one some 25 years ago. He has since passed away but his stories of his moose hunt with the Sharps rifle will always be with me. (Good Man gone too soon)...
  16. GLB

    Leasing Land for Hunting

    Looking to lease land for hunting whitetail deer. I live in Alaska and want to have a place to hunt WT deer every year. As you know we don’t have whitetail deer here and I miss hunting them, it’s been 15 years or more. Also coming from Alaska I could go to any state, but would like to find...
  17. GLB

    Never gets old

    Grouse with the bow. Same excitement as when I was a kid with my first recurve.
  18. GLB

    Which arrow would you choose?

    Been hunting with Trad gear for over 30 years. I have mostly used wood arrows that I built myself during this time. Last year I started experimenting with carbon shafts for the first time. I dropped down in bow weight from low 60s to the low 50 lbs. I drew a good moose tag this year and that is...
  19. GLB

    Attaching Stickbow to your pack.

    Looking for ideas on how you guys attach your recurve or longbow to your pack for hands free climbing in the hill country. I have put mine under the top flap of my ruck when not bush whacking. Need a way to attach it more vertical to get through the brush.
  20. GLB

    Anybody check the speed on their stickbows?

    I had the chronograph out as I was doing some load developing on one of my rifles and decided to shoot my longbows through it. The bows I shoot now are 50-52 lbs at my 26" draw length with arrow weight 575 grn. I got a whopping 145 fps😳 Good thing I didn't do this years ago I might have...