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  1. Xtorminator

    Firstlite Corrugate Guide Pants

    New Corrugate guide pants for sale. Size large Fusion camo Price $125
  2. Xtorminator

    My Best Blacktail

    Just wanted to share. Sorry for the cell pictures. I packed my D90 all year and forgot it on this hunt.
  3. Xtorminator

    My Wife's First Bull

    I wanted to share some photos and the story of my wife’s first bull on our Idaho back country hunt. It was a 3 hour hike into our base camp. The hunting was tough even though we were in elk every day. Most of the bull were one and done. We would get one bugle then nothing. We tried everything...
  4. Xtorminator

    Leaking hydration bladder.

    After reading reviews on the Camelback leaking, I was wondering if anyone does special to prevent this?