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  1. NorthIdahogunr

    Treadmill workout for burning fat?

    The only way to lose weight is the long game. Burn more calories than you take in every day. Get out and stay moving. I run, light weights, rowing machine for about an hour or so 3-4 times a week and keep my calories under my output. So many apps to help you keep track.
  2. NorthIdahogunr

    Looking for some advice on binos

    Maven or Swarovski
  3. NorthIdahogunr

    First Lite Traverse Gaiter 2.0 Review

    meh, was not a fan, Even the biggest set they had were too small. I do love the Bramblers though.
  4. NorthIdahogunr

    Vortex or Maven

    Maven. I LOVE my b2 9x45s....
  5. NorthIdahogunr

    Gun safe electronic locks?

    Yea Ive had too many issues with electric locks. No thanks. I run S/G locks in my two safes now. A good combination last lifetimes, Chinese electronics I trust as much as gas station sushi.
  6. NorthIdahogunr

    First Lite Chamberlin Help

    If your question was for me Id say both. I keep mine in my pack to throw on when sitting and glassing, or in a blind or stand. I also stalk with it, but I make sure to wear a vapor rain cover or make sure not to completely drag it through the thorns and brush. Its not as delicate as people make...
  7. NorthIdahogunr

    First Lite Chamberlin Help

    I own a chamberlain now. Ive been considering a sanctuary for bow hunting. I can't compare the two but I can comment on the Chamberlains warmth. Its a great jacket, its super warm on my Idaho hunts down to 10-20 degrees. But I am worried about it ripping in brush. I do often wear a FL vapor rain...
  8. NorthIdahogunr

    Pant recommendations

    Corrugate foundry for me.
  9. NorthIdahogunr

    Best Binocular Harness

    Marsupial for the win...I got rid of my Kuiu, and my AGC after using the enclosed mars...
  10. NorthIdahogunr

    Am I a jerk? (Read before voting)

    Let him shoot what he wants. You are raising men, not coddling boys. Men make decisions, children wait to be told.
  11. NorthIdahogunr

    Kuiu/First Lite Rain Gear

    same boat here.
  12. NorthIdahogunr

    Pressure vs slow cooker?

    I gave up using a crock pot slow cooker. We only user the pressure style insta pot system now with all our game. Its amazing what It will do in a fraction of the time, and it basically falls off the bone its so tender.
  13. NorthIdahogunr

    Knife recommendations

    Bemchmade hidden canyon, gerber vitals, and esee izula in my kill kit
  14. NorthIdahogunr

    Bino harness… again

    I’ve been using Alaskan guide creations for 6 years And wanted something new . I’ve used FHF and the Kuiu pro this season until I got my enclosed marsupial. Im so sold on it I’m dumbfounded how I used anything but their stuff.
  15. NorthIdahogunr

    What’s the next jump in supressor tech?

    Yep, they’re running late this year for sure. I got used to 4 months. Ow it easily double that
  16. NorthIdahogunr

    First hunt in grizzly country recap

    I live in Boundary county Idaho, everything is in Griz country
  17. NorthIdahogunr

    Base Layers vs down layers. How do you roll?

    I run under armor cold compression stuff, then first lite merino wool base layer. Then my guide or catalyst pants/jacket. I always carry my rain gear and I always carry my puffy pants/jacket but rarely wear them doing much outside of glassing or light duty stuff.
  18. NorthIdahogunr

    Small, whitetail hunting backpack suggestions (no meat hauling - just the basics)

    I really like the KUIU icon 1850.. It can be run without the frame system, has poles to keep it solid. Super lightweight, really roomy, cinches down really nice. I use mine for white tail day hunts and it has really been a workhorse for me.