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    WTS Firstlite Obsidian Large tall in cipher

    Any chance these are still available?
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    Just finished MTNTough 45-70 do it again, or do Preseason Prep or?

    I just finished the 45-70. For those that have been through MTNTough or similar, am I better to do 45-70 again, or do the Preseason Prep or something different? I'm a 45 yr old computer guy. Did the 45-70 at elite with one exception -- I pulled something in my right shoulder in week 5 and...
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    2020 Rokslide Mtn Tough Workout Thread

    I just finished 45-70. Used a seek revolution fortress for it. Love that pack. Going to give it a soak before the season though. There are a few days where there are 2 weights involved, so I used the pack with one, and a sandbag for the other.
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    Seek Outside vs KUIU Packs - A few seasons with both... by Luke Stephens

    "SO is the linux of the pack world"f -- OK I can get on board with that. I have a handful of gucci packs, but generally only ever use my SO. So much so that I am thinking of getting a second one so I can have one ready for backpacking and one ready for the daily training I do with it.
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    Quietest rest felt?

    I've replaced the felt on my rest with things ranging from felt from the manufacturer to mystery brands to just wrapped it in leukotape that I had on hand. It is time to replace again. What is the quietest things to use?
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    WTB Kifaru ultralight (KU) accessories.

    I am still looking. LMK what you have.
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    That looks like a good one. Where are you getting your plans from?
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    I wanted a recovery day. Didn't work that way. Felt good though. 13 rounds of: 8 arrows with the training bow focusing on form 2 min on the heavy bag. Then we went waaay back in time and did: P90x stretch x. Bas Rutten 30 min video And kickboxing class.
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    We just did this sample workout: Used hills instead of the bleachers. had just past ankle snow the whole way. Still trying to figure out the 300...
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    2.5 hrs of rucking with 85lbs in the coulees in the morn. mostly either dry, or ice. Muay Thai class in the aft. Did some qi gong just after supper.
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    Share your "Hunting Items I've overspent on with no advantage"

    You are supposed to do that back into the can that the scent spray came in. Geez
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    1hr of hills with 90lbs. snow was either old but over the ankle, or icy like a curling rink.
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    That's the sh1t! Doing it in the dark when unexpected is ideal imo. elk pico burgers and fries. Dang Today was: 8 sets of: 8 arrows from my 83lb training bow 5 min heavy bag.
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    2021 Hoyt

    That is what keeps me from hoyt as well. Fixed position treestand hunters?
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    Stuck in the office. Did this in between meetings: 100 each: lat raise, alternating row, shoulder press, upright row, lunge pullup( no weight) Finished the day bringing sally up.
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    Anyone train with a GoRuck pack?

    I did a few of the GR events, and have one of their packs that I bought to train with. I ended up using my hunting rigs at the GR events instead. My hunting pack(SO) is so much better than the GR packs for exercising, that justifying the GR just made no sense. I train with a pack all...
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    2020 Rokslide Mtn Tough Workout Thread

    I found this: It appears that the pack weight is variable for each exercise? Kind of odd for a timed event. Is this right?
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    2020 Rokslide Mtn Tough Workout Thread

    When doing workouts like the Devil's 55, what weight is supposed to be in the pack? 40? The other routines I did from them all had a pack weight specified.
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    That looks kick ass! Today was 2.5 hrs of rucking around the hills here. 85lb in pack, mostly ice, but snow past the ankles on all up hills. muay thai class soon here, then an hr of stretch.
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    Coronavirus Memes

    More like confused that those in the floor below us have no idea what is going on up here.

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