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  1. miller1

    Frozen Lake Michigan

    So to break up the winter blas I took the family over to lake Michigan to walk on the big water and climb the ice mountains, very cool stuff, I have lived in Michigan most of my like and have never went the 1 1/2 hours to the lake in the winter, I have been missing out, the kids loved it.
  2. miller1

    Weatherby s2, tikka t3 ?

    I am getting the itch to get a rifle, always been 100% archery but thought I would expand my interest after shooting my brothers 308 this weekend at 300 yards ( that was fun). I am looking at getting either a 7mm or 300 win mag/wsm, I am looking at the Weatherby vanguard s2 and the Tikka t3. I...
  3. miller1

    Leaving tomorrow for Co, weather?

    I am leaving tomorrow for Colorado, gonna hunt the 19th thru the 28th, the forecast for 11000ft (capital peak area) shows daytime highs around 50 and nighttime lows around 40. That seems like very warm nite temps to me, is this about what you guys out there are seeing? Is the bugling going hot yet?
  4. miller1

    Ecco track hiking boot

    I have a pair of lightly used Ecco Track goretex boots for sale, I got these from my brother in law for $100 used, they just pinch my pinky toe to much, these retail for about $229, I don't have the box and I assume they are a couple years old. I would like to get $75.
  5. miller1

    Cabelas lookout fleece pants

    Has anybody tried these pants? I tried them on and they are very comfortable but I don't know how they would hold up for elk hunting. they do have the microtex on sale for $55 but they just aren't as comfortable<br/>
  6. miller1

    Black bear follows hikers

    It's this bear playing or sizing them up for lunch, Pawzing Workout Resuming Workout.:
  7. miller1

    Verifier for hunting?

    Does anybody use a verifier for hunting? I have glasses for reading and they help a lot for clearing up my pins but I hate shooting with them on, I am thinking about putting in a verifier but am worried about fogging up and being dependable in the mountains, any thoughts on this?
  8. miller1

    Optimus terra cookset

    I just got this today and wow is it fast compared to my old as stainless cup\mug I was using, $29 seems like a steel compared to the prices of the other brands, lightweight aluminum with a heat exchanger, i filled it about 1/2 full of tap water and it boiled in a little over 2 minutes with a...
  9. miller1

    beginner elk calls

    What calls would you guys suggest for a beginner? is there a specific call that is just easy to use? I will be going to Co in late September on a backpack archery hunt,
  10. miller1

    GT XT hunter arrow setup?

    Hey guys, I am going elk hunting this September in Co, I need new arrows and thought about the Gold Tip XT hunter 75-95, cut at both ends, 28.5" long with 2" blazers and a solid white wrap, 100 grain Wac'ems with a 50 grain weight, this would make them about 450 grain with 14% foc, these should...
  11. miller1

    270 reloading die value

    I just bought a press that came with a set of lee dies for 270, they have never been used but are about 12 years old, i don't know if they have changed anything since then. Can somebody tell me what they would be worth? I am going to sell them and get a set for 40 s&w.
  12. miller1

    taptalk forum sign in problem.

    I just switched to AT&T and got the LG Optimus G Pro, awsome phone but i can't login to my registered forums while using taptalk, worth my old phone i didn't have any problems. If i use the browser i can login, does anybody have any ideas?
  13. miller1

    Sleeping bag liner

    Gander Mountain has the sea to summit cotton/silk blend clearanced out for $36, normally $60. Should i hold off for a full silk or get this. I have never used one so im not sure.
  14. miller1

    Hanwag Alaska GTX sale

    this might have been posted already but Lathrop & sons is having a awsome sale o there Alaska GTX boots, $244, that is a steal on them, i only wish i needed a pair. here is the link
  15. miller1

    Jered bllomgren, 400" bull?

    Jared bloomgren, 400" bull? I just read on facebook jared shot a bull close to 400" in montana, any word on this or is there a thread on here already?
  16. miller1

    560" elk

    these are farm raised so dont shoot me, i met a lady this weekend at the farmers market selling pieces of elk antler for dog chews ($25 a lb) and got talking to her, they own a elk ranch here in Michigan and she offered to give us a tour, they have 120 elk and the big one is 560", he said he...
  17. miller1

    Halfdome, anybody climed it?

    I was watching some youtube videos on climbing halfdome in Yosemite National park and it looks awsome, i would love to climb this someday, has anybody here climbed it.
  18. miller1

    Mi turkey got bullheaded

    My michigan season opened monday and this morning this guy wanted to destroy my new BTD jake, he was mad and thrashed the decoy, bent the stake and put a hole on the side of it with his spur, i proceeded to decpatate him with a bullhead, 15yards. He was 23lb, 11" beard and 1 1/2 spurs.
  19. miller1

    turkey vid, up close encounter

    check out this video, guy gets right in this birds face,
  20. miller1

    Sprint cell phone coverage in Co.

    i am thinking about switching to sprint for our cell phone carrier, does anybody know how well sprint works in Co., i know some carriers dont do well in certain areas.