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  1. oldgoat

    FL Suspender Replacement???

    Are there any better options out there too replace the First Lite suspenders that will hook up to the same loops?
  2. oldgoat

    Butt Ugly! But sentimental! UPDATED!

    If you insist on going ugly with a metal riser bow, then don't do it half assed! Think I have my deer hunting setup figured out for this fall! Pimped it out with some seal skin on the shelf and strike plate and glued the grip on, stole wife's Great Northern quiver, it attached nicely on the...
  3. oldgoat

    Venison roast like brisket on pellet grill anyone?

    This probably should go in food section but wanted an answer faster and this section gets more traffic. Curious if anybody low and slow's venison roast on pellet grills. I've done them on the pellet grill, I've just not done them like a brisket where you smoke to 160 unwrapped and then wrap in...
  4. oldgoat

    Colorado Cow Moose

    Filled my Colorado Cow Moose Tag Sunday! Hunted opening day with one failed stalk, wind switched directions three times in just a few minutes and got winded last second! Didn't hunt the second day as I had to be to work for three days before my vacation started and wanted to make sure I had time...
  5. oldgoat

    Eastie versus Westie meme

    Saw this on Instagram and wasn't on a hunters page either!
  6. oldgoat

    Tell the truth! Who's rocking this?

    No Fuel, No Problem: Heat Your Food With the 'Crotch Pot' Think I'd rather eat cold!
  7. oldgoat

    Which one of you guys is this?

  8. oldgoat

    Wiebe and Havalon blades, are they interchangeable?

    So I have a couple of Havalon knifes and just bought the Wiebe solid handle one too, I want something easy to clean but need a bigger handle than the Tyto for my old hands especially when it's colder out! Curious if anybody knows if the blades are interchangeable, I don't want to open a good...
  9. oldgoat

    Current Android phone offerings in relation to how good the GPS is?

    I'm eligible for a new phone, will be getting Android for sure. Currently have an LG V-10 and overall it's been a solid phone but the GPS can be a little slow to a lot slow getting a good fix, even sometimes in spot where it shouldn't have a problem, my wife's Motorola gets a fix almost...
  10. oldgoat

    Steripen Rapid UV 4L system

    Anybody use the setup from Steripen system for rapidly treating 4L of water at once? I finally used my Steripen classic this year and really liked it. Just curious of any reviews of their new offering?
  11. oldgoat

    Fresh white stuff on Mount Evans

    Me and the wife were coming home from supper tonight and noticed some fresh white stuff on Mount Evans which for the non Coloradoans is a 14're just west of the Denver Metro. Don't know if it's hail or snow, but imagine it was snow. Hopefully that's harbinger of a cool hunting season...
  12. oldgoat

    Roku hunting channels?

    Just got a Roku box, what are some good preferably free hunting channels on it?
  13. oldgoat

    my take on the dark timber coffee! my wife the barista's take also!

    So, me and the wife love quality coffee! We however stop short of doing the French press to get it, so good grounds in the drip type coffee maker is what we use. We have used Vias in the past while hunting and camping, not the best coffee but pretty good for what it is! Recieved my Darktimber...
  14. oldgoat

    One shot Sitka sale

    1ShotGear Good buys and good selection of last year mode gear
  15. oldgoat

    WTT or WTS Kifaru Hunter Frame Belt size small(belt only)

    Bought a frame with small belt on here a couple of weeks ago, need a medium belt though. I'd like 60bucks TYD or trade for either a black or coyote brown belt size medium. PayPal and lower 48 only!
  16. oldgoat

    New backpacker model thermacell

    Backpacker Mosquito Repeller | Thermacell This looks pretty cool and the run time is good on a small canister
  17. oldgoat

    lowa renegades on camofire

    Lowa renegades half price on - Discount Hunting Gear, Camo, and Clothing
  18. oldgoat

    question about liners and silnylon shelters

    So I've had my Sawtooth for two seasons now, bought a liner for it when I bought the shelter and haven't even installed it once! I constantly read they stop the condensation but that hasn't been a real problem yet. My real question here, is does the liner make the shelter more hospitable during...
  19. oldgoat

    Titanium Goat Setup procedures????

    So I just bought a Ti Goat Vertex5 from elkfitness on the classifieds. He gave me some basic instructions, but was wondering if anybody knew of some good YouTube videos. The one I seen had no audio and wasn't informative at all. The Ti Goat website is very Spartan in nature. I'll be searching...