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    Sold Bushnell 3.5-10x36 RimFire

    Bushnell Rimfire Optics 3.5-10x36. Very little use. Scratch free lenses. Tracks very good. Comes with 3 different turrets. (1) MOA, (1) write on, (1) calibrated for 17HMR and lens caps. No box. $55 shipped. PayPal f&f or pay the fees. PM me if you would want more information or pictures. Thanks.
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    WTS Gun Stocks (CZ 457, REM SA ADL, RUGER 10/22)

    CZ 457 Boyd’s At-One. Includes quick attach sling swivel and bottom metal. Heavy barrel inlet. $150 shipped. Ruger 10/22 Blackhawk Axiom. Very good shape. Little use. Black $55 shipped Remington 700 SA ADL Factory Synthetic Stock. Good shape. Includes recoil pad and sling swivels. $65...
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    WTS LRP .308 Lapua Brass (50)

    (50) Loose pieces. Brand new LRP Lapua .308 Winchester. ***$50 Shipped*** PayPal F&F please or add the fees. PM me with any questions. Thanks.
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    WTS Scope Rings.

    1) Vortex Pro 30mm High. 1.26” $45 shipped. 2) Wheeler 34mm Medium. $40 shipped 3) Burris Xtreme Tactical. 1.25” $40 shipped 4) Leupold PRW2 34mm. High $65 shipped 5)Leupold PRW2 30mm. Low $45 shipped 6) Leupold 1” Steel rings and bases. I believe they’re lows. Off of a Remington 700 SA. $35...
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    Glove/Sock liners?

    Anything good? I’ve got some good merino socks and would like to find some over the calf liner socks. They seem to be more comfortable to me. Also need some good glove liners. I’m probably going with mittens of some sort and just remove them when it’s time to shoot. Something with some...
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    Bushnell Fusion 10x42 Rangefinding Binos?

    Anyone have any first hand experience with these? Mainly wondering about clarity a d brightness of the glass. Rangefinder accuracy as well. Thanks.
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    Predator calling in the East?

    Looking to get started. For rifle I’ll be shooting a 223 bolt. I have an 11-87 12 gauge for the shotgun. I’m set on a rifle load. I need suggestions on an available?( I know) shotgun load. Also need suggestions on an affordable ( I know again) E-caller. Also good suggestions on mouth calls...
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    Sold Meopta Meopro Optika 5 4-20x44

    Up for sale is a very lightly used Optika 5. Bought about a month ago from Cameraland. 40 rounds from a 5.56 bolt gun. Torqued to spec in Warne Maxima rings. SFP with the Z-Plus Reticle. Includes factory covers, box, paper work, sticker. As well as a set of Vortex Defender caps. As close to...
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    PRS/Hunting pack?

    The quest for the “perfect” pack continues Started shooting PRS style rimfire matches in the spring. Really liking them and I was able to shoot some field style matches as well. Really prefer these. Now I’m looking for a pack to carry my stuff. The matches could be compared to the NRL...
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    Sold Wheelers Armorer’s Handgun Sight Tool

    As the title states. I think I’ve used it 4 times. A couple light marks from the the persuader. Functions perfectly. Used it last night. Now I’m done with it. Includes original box and paperwork. Looking for $120 shipped, PayPal F&F or add the fees. Any questions, just PM me. I’ll get back to...
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    Sold Box of Randomness. 😁

    Bunch “things” that need to go. 2 Petzl Tikkas (both work) bipod, 308 and 6.5 Creedmor brass, 220 Swift dies, some AR parts, some Glock parts, holster, bino harness, couple old Boker knives, one Buck folder and some other stuff. One money buys it all. $90 shipped, net to me. PayPal F&F or pay...
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    Sold Mountainsmith Day Lumbar pack w/ Strapettes

    Mountainsmith Day Lumbar pack in rust brown. Very little use. I replaced to 3 cords on the back. 2 of which are climbing cord to mitigate the stretch of the factory shock cord. The other was replaced with something longer to accommodate my rain gear. A little dirt on the outer flap. Everything...
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    Sold Leupold VX-III 3.5-10x40mm

    For sale a very clean 3.5-10. M suffix puts it at a 2004 model. No ring marks and perfect lenses. Includes box, lens cloth, all paper work and Butler Creek caps. If I hadn’t used the scope my self, I would say NIB. Looking for $375 net to me, shipped. PayPal F&F or add the fees. If you have...
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    Sold Bausch & Lomb Discoverer Zoom Telescope

    Up for sale is a B&L Discoverer Zoom Telescope. 15-60x60mm. It has some dings in the outside but lenses are scratch free. Has extendable sunshade and lens caps front and back. Ocular lens cap is a little loose when installed. It needs to be in just the right spot to stay on. No issues with...
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    WTS Vortex Pro GT Tripod

    Used but in very good shape. Some minor scratches on the legs from transport and a small amount of wear on the head where the quick release plates slide in and out. Functions perfect. Includes Tripp’s, carry case and (3) quick release plates. **$145 TYD**PayPal F&F or add the 3%. However...
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    WTS SWFA 20x/ Leupold 30mm PRW Low rings.

    SWFA 20x42. Has ring marks and some minor scratches on the tube. Rear parallax adjustment. MOA turrets. MIL Dot Reticle. Some minor scratches on the objective lens. Ocular lens looks to be good. It isn’t pretty but tracks every time. No box and I printed the manual off of SWFA site. $150...
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    WTS 6.5mm 145 Match Burner/.308 178 ELD-X/.308 & 6.5 Brass

    (400) 145 grain Barnes Match Burner. Same lot. $160 shipped. (200) 145 grain Barnes Match Burner. Same lot. $80 shipped. (300) 178 grain Hornady ELD-X. Same lot. $150 shipped. (40) Federal .308 brass. Once fired. (100) Hornady .308 brass once fired. ** Hornady brass appears to be from...
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    .308 178 ELD-X on WV black bear?

    Any experience? Probably going to be about 2500, 2600 max FPS. Shots under 200 yards. Probably closer to 100 and possibly 25. I'm thinking it should work well. Just looking for some insight. Thanks.
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    Sold Glock 29 SF

    ***$1050 PayPal +3% from FFL to FFL*** As the title states. Glock 29 SF with Meprolight adjustable night sights, Streamlight TLR-8 AG, (2) 10 round magazines with Pearce pinkie extensions, (2) 15 round magazines with X-grips, Falco right hand holsters with (0) cant, and custom stipple job...
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    WTS Vortex Impact 850 Rangefinder

    Very light use. Never in the woods. Only range time. Perfect shape. I’ve upgraded so this ones up for sale. Has angle compensation, line of sight, and scan. Specs are deer to 400 and reflective to 850. I’ve hit trees at 450 consistently. Includes LRF, carry case, battery, paperwork and box...