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  1. Anozira

    What hunt doesn’t interest you?

    Africa high fence hunting with dogs/ treeing critters with hounds
  2. Anozira

    WTS Kifaru Muskeg 5k & Duplex Lite Frame

    I originally had them listed separately but then grouped them together. I think I’m going to hold out on selling them together as one.
  3. Anozira

    WTS Kifaru Muskeg 5k & Duplex Lite Frame

    Merry Christmas bump.
  4. Anozira

    Fed up with forum gougers..anyone else?

    Sometimes I wonder if sometimes the seller just paid a lot (too much) for the item and they are just trying to get their money back out of it. It may not necessarily be that they are trying to scalp or gouge someone, maybe they were the ones that were gouged in the first place and they are just...
  5. Anozira

    WTS Kifaru Muskeg 5k & Duplex Lite Frame

    Selling a muskeg 5000 and a 24” duplex lite long torso, curved stays, and small waste belt. The muskeg is a catch and release for me. I bought it around the time the gnargali/ Dall bags came out and then turned around and bought the new bags to try. It comes with a universal gun bearer. The...
  6. Anozira

    WTS WTS Seek Outside 12 man Tipi w/ screens

    Got a shipping notification on the new Tipi. New price $1150 TYD in the lower 48.
  7. Anozira

    WTS WTS Seek Outside 12 man Tipi w/ screens

    Lets get this sold before Christmas. $1200 shipped and insured to the lower 48.
  8. Anozira

    Kifaru XPAC bags - noise

    I just switched to Kifaru Xpac bags my last hunt and something important I noticed is the colder it gets, the more noise Xpac makes. In the middle of the afternoon when you get into your bag the noise difference is negligible. Early morning before light when it’s below freezing and into the...
  9. Anozira

    Coyote vs. 17 Javelina

    Nice coyote and a sweet rifle. Glad to see someone from Payson on here, I spent a lot of time as a kid in the Pine/ Strawberry area. Keep the coyotes coming!
  10. Anozira

    WTS WTS Seek Outside 12 man Tipi w/ screens

    Selling a Seek Outside 12 person tipi with bug nets/ screens. I ordered it earlier in the year and received it in July. It has been used 1/2 dozen times scouting in preparation of a late AZ elk hunt. Fell in love with it and only selling because I ordered an even larger tipi. Paid $1424.00 for...
  11. Anozira

    Recoil! 300 RUM vs 300 Win - Equal??

    I’m subscribing to hear this one out. Ive been considering switching from 300 RUM to Win Mag.
  12. Anozira

    Odd finds while in the field

    I found some pottery yesterday. I’ve found pieces in the past but this is the first time I’ve found any with artwork/ designs on them.
  13. Anozira

    WTS/WTT Kifaru xpac pockets

    PM incoming.