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    WTS Leupold RX-1600

    I purchased this new in February of 2018 and used almost exclusively as my golf rangefinder. At the time it was more powerful and more accurate than the dedicated golf units, it's downfall is it takes a few trys to lock on to a pin that doesn't have a prism on top. It has been stored in its own...
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    Spotting scope for the family

    Hey Folks. I am looking for recommendations on a spotting scope that would be decent for family use. Wife, two kids younger than 9, and myself. By far the most use will be from the kids studying the planets and stars. They are both really into astronomy and love "borrowing" my binos to look at...
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    Carbon remover brass cleaning

    Hey sliders! New member here. I've been on LRH for several years and thought I would join here as well. Anyway, I think I stumbled on a brass cleaning method that I would pass along. I was loading up my hunting loads this evening and tried something new. My brass generally only has carbon...