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    Winchest model 70. Worth upgrading stock?

    Hello, So I have a Winchester model 70 walmart special in 300 win mag from the early 2000s. I would like to make a solid hunting gun and was thinking about swapping out the plastic stock to a Bell and Carlson. I am waiting for the right deal on a tikka or browning x bolt (probably in 6.5...
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    Accessory suggestions for new Realm X?

    So I had been waiting a long time to get a new bow and haven't shot archery for many years while being in the military. I shot a bunch of different brands last year and really liked the bow tech but was waiting for the right deal. I looked at getting a used bow or a cheap bow just to get me...
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    CWD infected deer found in Northwest Montana

    I don't know if anyone has seen this yet but it looks like CWD jumped the divide in Montana. Just thought I would post it for anyone interested in reading it.
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    Shipping rifles/shotguns to yourself

    Hey all, I am planning on going home to see some family in about 2 weeks and wanted to try to get a few of my guns back to where I live now which is about 2,000 miles away. Anyway I am flying on standby and won't be checking luggage so it looks like my best option is to ship them to myself. I...
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    Arizona Hunter Ed Bonus Point question

    I took the Hunter Ed course last year and got my card but when I log into my account portal it says I don't have any points and that I can take the hunter ed course. Does the Hunter Ed point not show up on the account portal? I tried calling the hotline for bonus point questions but it keeps...
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    Vortex ranger 1300 reviews/recommendations?

    Hey guys, So I've been researching a lot on the rangefinders and I am between the vortex ranger 1300 or the Leica 2000-b. I can get the 1300 for $225 or the Leica for $400. I know the Leica's are much nicer but I don't know if I am going to need something that good. From using the search on...
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    Gaia just added roadless and trailless overlays

    Just thought I would post this for people that were interested. I have been using GAIA for a year now and have really liked it especially for the price. I had been hoping they would add a roadless overlay and they finally did. GAIA Roadless Trailless overlay
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    Applying aqua seal to boot rand before wearing?

    Hey all, So I went around and tried on a bunch of different boots and the ones that fit best and felt the most comfortable were the crispi's (of course..$$$$). I was going to wait until black friday or some sale to get them but was able to get the Crispi Nevadas at a local place on sale for...
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    North Dakota democrats buy ads to discourage hunters from voting

    I usually don't like to get involved in political issues on here but this just seems like a new low and something everyone should be aware of. North Dakota democrats buy ads to discourage hunters from voting.
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    Maven C.1 vs Vortex Viper HD

    Hey all, So I've been researching,reading up and looking at getting a set of 10x42 binoculars. I have read great reviews about the Maven C.1 on here and also good reviews on the vipers. I can get both discounted although the vipers are about $70 more. They seem to have very similar specs so I...
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    Choosing a bow

    Hey guys, I used to shoot archery way back in the day before I joined the military and it seems technology and bows have changed a lot since then. Not that I am out and moving to Montana I want to get back into it and I am trying to decide on a bow. I see the price range seems to be around $500...
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    New Guy Moving to NW Montana

    Hey guys, Been reading the forums and using the website for quite a while but finally posting now. I am separating from the service and will be moving to Kalispell area in Montana this summer. I am hoping to get back into hunting and fishing when I get there. I know I probably will not be able...