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    DrawLoc for sale

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    DrawLoc for sale

    In-Line Draw-Loc Trigger in Slow Motion | Draw-Loc I have a new DrawLoc for sale. I has had only 3 arrows shot through it. $150 TYD. Check out my link above for a full description of it.
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    Kifaru Longhunter Rendezvous mod to Molle Gen4 frame

    I'm sure you will figure it out. I recently modified an old medium ALICE to fit a Gen 4 frame. I attached it with adjustable straps so I could snug it up good and tight to the frame when using as a backpack. Then I could let it out to be able to slide an elk quarter between the pack and frame...
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    Lightweight saw

    The Wyoming saw is a good saw but way toooo heavy. And you can easily lose the smaller parts in the grass and leaves while trying to put the dang thing together. I got rid of mine and bought a Bahco Laplander. Never looked back. Best switch I've ever made.
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    Wyoming Saw Case

    The Wyoming saw itself is where the bulk of the weight is. I got rid of mine and bought a Bahco Laplander. It works just as well, doesn't need a case, and only weighs about 2-3 ounces, (guestimating) But it does look like you did a good job on your project.
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    Worst personal human experience?

    Strangest Human Encounter During an Elk Hunt? by >>>---WW----> » 01 14, 2013 • [Post 9] I know many of you aren't going to believe this story but I'll swear on the Bible every bit of it is true. I used to manage a national forest campground. Kind of a jack of all trades and campground host...
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    Early Season calling; Yes or No?

    You bet! I have been very succesful using what I call the silent calling technique during the first week or so of the season. Here is how it works. Do some general herd cow calf talk. Throw in a hot cow sound and a small bull squeal near the end. Do this secuence for about 2-3 minutes. Then be...
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    How much is a pound worth to you?

    Want to loose a pound? Go on a diet! It's free and your equipment remains the same.
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    Give Bull Ivory to Buddy?

    Sounds like he is a true friend and a great hunting partner. I would have given him half of the meat and left the other guy out. As for the ivory, I get those little bitty eye screws from Hobby Lobby and epoxy one in the end of the root. That way, it hangs very well on a cord or chain...
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    dana design belt pocket?

    I called Mystery Ranch a couple of weeks ago and they said they will be coming out with detachable belt pockets n the near future. Other than that, just about any of the military Molle Pro pouches will work. Go to Ebay and type in Molle pouches and you'll see all sorts of different shapes and sizes.
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    Best Pack Ever

    This guy has even more hype than the Kifaru pimps on here.
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    Tarps vs tents. How about a setup like this one. It has a half floor in it. Looks pretty slick to me.
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    Public land outfitters?

    What that sign implies is exactly as bbrown wrote above. It has nothing to do with the hunting area, only that particular campsite.
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    Lightweight gear for horses

    Let's see, how did that song go? "Don't give me no plastic saddle. I wanna feel the leather when I ride"!
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    Best deal you have ever found on a piece of gear

    Brand new, never used MR Crewcab with 3 load cells and top lid for $300. Normal price is close to $700. Also, last week my wife found a $695 dollar metal detector for $50 bucks.
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    Western Colorado Antelope Hunters

    Hey guys! Just a heads up. If you were luck enough to draw an antelope unit in western Colorado, don't be suprised to find multiple blinds set up on anything that even resembles water. It is drier than a popcorn fart out here. Most of the waterholes are already gone/dried up.
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    What does everyone do for a living?

    I'm a retired power plant operator in Colorado. Also have a nice retirement job manageing two national forest campgrounds. Gee, it is just awful to have to go up on the mountain @9000' every day. LOL! Eat your heart out!
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    Cheapo light weight tent

    I bought one at a yard sale last weekend for $5 bucks. I'm basically a day hunter but thiis might work OK for that occasional time when you get caught out over nite. I thought about cutting the floor out and pulling those corner stays and adding a couple of side tie outs to reduce the weight...
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    begginers bugle

    I totally agree with Swede. Elknut is the guy to talk to.....
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    Side arms?!?!

    I used to never even think about carrying. But in my present line of work I have had two seperate occations in the past five years with people that made me glad I was armed. Once I raised my shirt to let them know I was armed, that was the end of the situation. Another time I was doing a...