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    2021 deer

    Going to try to do something up to date when I get service not a lot of details but current. Boarding anchorage to Kodiak right now, headed to harbor to jump on uncles boat and go shoot some deer. Not sure on location yet hoping to head south down the east side. Hopefully get you guys some...
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    Anybody on here harvested an emperor goose. I’m going to give it a shot next week. I ordered 2 dozen blue geese socks and I’m headed to Kodiak. I’ve seen them sitting in the beaches and figured I would try to flag them in and see what happens.
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    Sling hook for backpack

    I’m thinking about trying to make a small hook to mount on my backpack strap to help hold my rifle sling from sliding off my shoulder. I’m sure a lot of people have done this already would like to see what you’ve made.
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    Who’s doing Kodiak 2021

    Just wondering who did kodiak already or who is headed there still this year. Would like to hear some hunt updates from different sides of the island. Throwing together a last minute trip for December.
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    2021 Moose Hunt

    I was really looking forwards to our moose season this year. No early hints were planned, and I didn’t get to moose hunt last year because of a shutdown at work. Our freezer was out of moose from 2019 and it was actually needed this year from a freezer perspective. Camp got set up...
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    Vortex Customer Service

    Just wanted to give a shoutout to Vortex on here and let people know my experience today. Normally everybody posts all their horrible problems with people but companies don't always get mentioned when they do things the right way. I somehow broke an eye cup off my Vortex binos the other day...
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    Leather work project anybody on here

    I’m looking for somebody who does leather work. I have a really small problem and was going to attempt on my own and then thought about personalizing it a bit. I have a horn hunter bino case I have used for over 10 years but it’s coming apart. The back of the harness has a rubber piece that...
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    PWS Deer AK

    Had a coworker out said deer were not found last week out on Knight Island. Figured maybe they were nocturnal with that full moon any body have anything else to report.
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    Snowline Chainsen crampons

    Has anybody used the pro or ultra models of snowline crampons. Just saw them online and was wondering if they are any good. Looking for a crampon for late season got hunts here in Alaska.
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    Marsh Rat

    Who has one pros and cons of it. I’ve been thinking about getting a true layout boat and ran across the marsh rat and I’m now interested in it. I would have to get one shipped up to Ak and I’m figuring that’s going to be expensive.
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    Victorinox sheep skinner/ lamb skinner

    I wanted to try out a lamb/ sheep skinner blade shape this year so I purchased the victorinox blade in both sizes. I’m having problems finding sheaths for them, does anybody use these knives and have a sheath they like or have any ideas.
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    I have never found anything that I love to wear for gloves. I’m in Alaska and what I’m looking for is something for busting brush to get above tree line. My hands get hot easy so insulation isn’t needed. I do want something that will dry quickly if hung in a dry place in the wind. I’ve tried...