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  1. Desk Jockey

    Bikini Scope Covers

    I had a couple of flip ups fail me this year. I was thinking about changing things up an going with bikini covers. Probably the rubber butler creek kind. Thoughts?
  2. Desk Jockey

    Post season leather boot care - what do you do?

    In the coming weeks I will be packing up my hunting stuff until spring Turkey. My cold gear won’t see use until the Fall. it’s gear maintenance and replacement time for me and i am wondering what people do for leather boots after season (mine are kenetreks, crispi and danner, if that...
  3. Desk Jockey

    Mueller rimfire scope thoughts ?

    I bought a mueller APV 4.5-14 x 40 probably +10 years ago for a 10/22. That 10/22 became a steel challenge gun and has been wearing a dot for a few years, so that mueller has been boxed up. i am thinking about putting it on a tikka t1x that will do double duty as a plinker / target gun and...
  4. Desk Jockey

    School me on Nightforce - SHV vs NXS

    I am in the midst of some “upgrades“ on my main boomer and kicking around the idea of some new glass. Use is whitetail to mule deer. Max 400 yards. I am focused on 2 nightforce options: - NXS 2.5-10 x 42 - $1,600. - SHV 3-10 x 42 - $985 I think i have some understanding of the...
  5. Desk Jockey

    Tikka - to bottom metal or not to bottom metal? That is my question.

    After a few seasons with my tikka (6.5 Creedmore, stainless lite) and promising I wouldn’t spend a bunch of money turning my budget friendly hunting rifle into a big ticket gun, I am finally breaking down and buying a new stock. I have a Mesa on order (4-6 weeks) and planned to put an YO Dave...
  6. Desk Jockey

    Buffalo Bore 10mm recipe

    I picked up a set of 10mm dies. In addition to loading some “normal” practice ammo I thought I would see if I could load something similar to buffalo bore 200 or 220 grain loads For a little practice. I would still buy theirs for use in the woods, it just pains me to practice with their stuff...
  7. Desk Jockey

    The one thing I would change - gear thread edition…

    There is some gear I love and some I love a certain feature or two and wish they were available on other brands. for example: - my Sig Kilo 2200 was a huge upgrade from my first gen vortex ranger 1000 in nearly every way, but I miss the pocket clip on the vortex about every time I use the...
  8. Desk Jockey

    The official unofficial tikka t1x thread

    This platform has been mentioned here or there but I thought I would start a thread. I grabbed a 16” version a my local gun shop. I am trying to decide if i want to leave it light and lean as a hunter or bling it up as a bench rig. who has one? Who wants one? What have you done with it?
  9. Desk Jockey

    Primer storage - to enclose or not enclose

    I am getting back into reloading and my bench is in a fairly dry basement. I am thinking about putting my primers in a container with a dry pack but don’t like the idea of creating an explosion hazard With an ammo can. I am thinking about something plastic but air tight Like some high end...
  10. Desk Jockey

    Beginners hunting chassis gun

    I am getting itchy to try a chassis gun. My current main boomer is a tikka t3x in 6.5 creed That I don’t want to convert. I would like to stay under 7# and $2k without glass. Side folder is desired. I am thinking either a sig cross in 6.5 creed. They go for $1500 and seem to have what I...
  11. Desk Jockey

    Firstlite Catalyst coming unglued?

    Got this jacket late in 2019 so I think I wore it once that season. Is was in my rotation with Sitka and kuiu soft shell last year so it may have seen 5-6 days of wear. Second time I wore it this year my $100 surefire flashlight disappeared out of the right side pocket. I noticed when I...
  12. Desk Jockey

    Cold weather work gloves?

    My home gym is now in an unheated garage. Temps in the 30s or below are setting in and while I don’t mind working out in the cold, the bars and kettlebells get a bit frosty on my hands. so, I am looking for some full finger, cold weather workout gloves. I just wore a hole in my carhartt...
  13. Desk Jockey

    Black Rifle Coffee Going Public vis SPAC.

    I am a fan of the products and message. These SPAC deals can be quirky but they have a great story and I hope it works out for them.
  14. Desk Jockey

    Weighted insert vs heavier Brodhead?

    What would be the practical performance difference between using a heavier broadhead vs a weight insert? for instance, would a 200 grain broadhead fly differently than a 125 + a 75 grain insert, all else being equal.
  15. Desk Jockey

    Rage crossbow broadheads.

    never used rage before but I bought a three pack of these for my crossbow experiment this year. The blades seem almost impossible to deploy with the shock collar. Like, I can’t imagine how these things would open up on an animal. I had to set the blade tip on the edge of my work bench and...
  16. Desk Jockey

    In-ear electronic ear pro RFI

    Saw a few older threads on this. I use and prefer a set of MSA Sordins with foam ear plugs (double up) underneath for most shooting applications. However, I have picked up a little sporting clays habit and been doing some upland shooting. When shouldering my shotgun, I sometimes make...
  17. Desk Jockey

    RFI chronograph.

    I am in the market for one But I know next to nothing about them other than it is better not to shoot the uprights with what you are measuring. I would ideally like one that can do arrows and pistol / rifle bullets with reasonable capability. I don’t want to break the bank but I don’t...
  18. Desk Jockey

    Sorta aged some deer in the fridge

    So…its freezer clean out time and Tuesday evening I pulled out my last bit of white tail back straps and a nice hunk of rear leg. I had just finished cutting them into steaks for the grill, seasoned them and put them on plates (no cover) and was waiting for the grill to get to temp. The phone...
  19. Desk Jockey

    RFI Weatherby Rifles

    I am developing an itch for a lightweight 300 win mag. I had been thinking about some other brands but a Weatherby model recently caught my eye ( on a recent meat eater episode Of all places so color me a fanboy). the Mark V weathermark LT is under 6# sub moa and seems to have a street...
  20. Desk Jockey

    New Meateater episodes dropped on Netflix.

    Looks like 5 new episodes. Mountain goat and pronghorn with Luke Combs looks cool. Nice treat right before October 1st archery. oh…and to get out ahead of the haters… - Rinella is a corporate shill, sell out, etc. - he fakes his hunts and flies in and out of the woods in a helicopter while...