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    Huge cuts to AZ OTC

    Wow Broken Arrow you are such a bada##! 😂🤣
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    Coffee Pot Road Conditions - CO

    There are alot of elk up there. Yes alot of hunters too, but most don't put in the effort needed to be successful in that country. You need to hunt downhill
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    Wyoming General Mistakes

    My advice would be just go to unit 21. Tons of places to shoot elk a 5 minute walk from the truck.
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    B&C 5 Point

    Big 5s are awesome!!
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    Any Wisconsin bowhunter looking to join our elk camp!

    Good luck guys, represent Wisconsin well!
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    Heading out to CO GMU 53 in 2 days

    Tons of elk in this unit, I wouldn't worry about the drought. If anything it makes them easier to locate.
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    Legal bull in Colorado?

    Well one thing I know for sure is CNElk would be flinging arrows at that thing!!!
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    colorado unit 42/43 packers?

    Great now there will be 5,000 guys with OTC tags there during archery season!! Oh wait there already is!!
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    Colorado GMU 38 Thoughts?

    I really like this unit. It is physically demanding but choke full of bulls, not a lot over 360" but they are there.
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    Go Deep Boys. Go Deep

    And I always thought the "road hunters" were lazy?? Maybe just smarter??
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    Another CO OTC Elk Unit thread ;)

    Shot a 326" on the first day and never went back.
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    If you had close calls south of Sweetwater lake I would hunt south of Sweetwater lake! Not being a smartazz either! If you got into them before go back and find them again and seal the deal.
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    Colorado 1st Rifle at Flat Top Wilderness advice/experience?

    I have hunted this area on several occasions. Yes there are a lot of hunters even in the 1st rifle season. Just accept the fact that you will not be able to get away from all the hunters. There are also a decent amount of elk. In my experience a lot of the hunters start to head out Sunday...
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    Colorado archery near telluride

    Dont worry about posting the unit, it's not like it's some top secret place.
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    GMU 35, 36, 45, 361

    Rumor is a pregnant transgender from Boulder shot a nice 3x3 down by the river.
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    Top 5 Mature Buck Producing States

    Pretty funny that Wisconsin has the lowest % of bucks over 3, but leads "All" states in BC bucks??!!
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    GMUs 78 and 76

    Unit 76 takes about 15 points as a Non Res
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    Llama advice for CO 1st rifle:

    No way in hell I'm using llamas in grizzly country!
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    Wyoming Elk, Helicopter Access

    I guess I could just look at the leftover list and figure it out.