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    Pink salt for pastrami

    I'm using Michael Ruhlmam's recipe from "Charcutrie" to make some venison pastrami, but the roast that I pulled out is only about 2.5 lbs. I figured I'd just half the brine recipe, but I'm curious about the amount of pink salt/ cure to use. The recipe calls for 6 tsp for a gallon of brine...
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    Real bugle vs other hunters

    I'm sure this has been discussed before, but I can't seem to find it. I've been out the past 2 days in the Idaho panhandle, first archey elk season. First day I couldn't buy a bugle, put 11 miles in covering different drainages with no response. Today went to another area in the same general...
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    WTS Trophy ridge sure shot pro WB

    Looking to sell my trophy ridge wisker biscut with micro adjust. I recently switched to a drop away and figured someone might get some use out of it this season. $ 60 TYD.
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    Sold First lite guide lite pants

    Basically new, worn one day turkey hunting. 75 tyd. Or looking to trade for a pair of sitka accents/ kuiu attack possibly with a few $ on top. Thanks
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    Second guessing my short DL arrow build

    I recently finished putting these arrows together with the intention of using them for my first archery elk hunt here in N Idaho. They shoot great with fps, and I'll be testing them with some 100gr. vpa 3 blades here tomorrow. My question is for everyone who has more experience, do the specs on...
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    Mystery ranch longbow waist belt replacement

    I bought a lightly mystery ranch longbow pack last year and it has served me well so far, but I would like to get a small waist belt for it. I'm a slimmer guy 29-30" waist and the current one is just a touch large. It's not too bad as long when I am wearing a thicker jacket but anything lighter...
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    WTB Sitka heavyweight hoodie subalpine- medium

    I'm putting together an early/ mid season kit and I'm looking for a sitka heavyweight hoodie size medium in subalpine if you've got one you're willing to part with. Thanks
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    Holster for ruger security 9

    Just looking at some options for holsters for a Ruger security 9. I picked one up recently and was thinking about trying to something that works as a modular system that I could switch from hip to drop leg, or pack belt. I know it's not the ideal woods gun per se but still. I was looking at...
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    Where do you practice bugling

    I'm starting early this year learning as much as I can about elk before heading out for my first archery elk season this year. I've hunted rifle for elk a couple seasons but wanted up expand my options as well as my opportunities at frustration so why not give archery a shot right? Anyways I...
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    New member from ID

    After being a long time lurker I finally decided to join the conversation. This will be my first year going for archery elk and I'm trying to learn as much as I can before the opener.