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    Colorado otc unit options

    I have been hunting Arkansas public property for whitetail of 20 years. Finally was able to get a nice one a couple years ago. I have been wanting to go elk hunting for a while and things are working that this year is a go. This will be my first elk hunt experience. First part of the trip...
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    Colorado elk hunting clothing setup

    Going to southern Colorado for my first elk hunt I might not like this type of hunting so I am hesitant in spending $2000 in clothing what is the best options for lower cost what you go with on everything brand. Model. Best place to order each item from 1. Socks. Brand...
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    elk bugle call Berry thunder bugle

    looking for a bugle option with an external reed system I have looked at the Glen Berry Thunder Bugle tube. Is this option a good option? Are there better alternatives? Possible the Phelps Metal Bugle with the External EZ Bugler? Yes I know that using a diaphragm mouth call would probably...