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  1. Blacktailaddiction

    Rokslide 2021 Youth Photo Contest, sponsored by Western Edge Gear

    In hindsight I should have snapped the picture with the beautiful bay behind me, but was way more worried about a brown bear popping out of the grass. Testicle free Blacktail taken late October.
  2. Blacktailaddiction

    2022 boat based hunt out of Old Harbor

    Hunted out of old harbor the last week of October. Great deer numbers, but be prepared because the mature bucks are probably not going to be down low. Be prepared to hike to the top of the mountains to get into the nicer deer. Weather was great for 3 days of our 5 day trip and we had to fly out...
  3. Blacktailaddiction

    Montana Archery Elk Hunt

    Congratulations! Especially having to deal with that outfitter screwing you over.
  4. Blacktailaddiction

    Favorite pictures of 2021 Season

    Couples favorites, cool thread and awesome pictures everyone!
  5. Blacktailaddiction

    Youth on Kodiak?

    If you are in shape enough to pack out a deer plus all your gear, then you should be fine. Not too hard until you get a deer down away from the boat or camp etc.
  6. Blacktailaddiction

    Zamberlan boot purchase for Kodiak Blacktail

    I hunted end of October, they need to be waterproof and insulated or you will be miserable. And bring waterproof gaiters too. Walking through the mess that kodiak ground is I stepped up to my knee In a hidden pocket of water. Just have to be careful there.
  7. Blacktailaddiction

    Montana muley

    Stud congratulations!
  8. Blacktailaddiction

    Oregon Clear Cuts or Deep Timber for ANY Buck

    I’m in Grants Pass as well and hunt alone 95% of the time. You can pm if you want and I’ll try to give more area specific advice as I’ve hunted everywhere within day trip range. I did general rifle last year and tagged out on day 6 after passing on 6 immature bucks. Doing archery this year and...
  9. Blacktailaddiction

    Pretty good one

    Here’s the biggest I have seen. He is completely nocturnal. Nice bears above ^
  10. Blacktailaddiction

    Who’s doing Kodiak 2021

    Bucks were starting to rut pretty good last week when I was there. Saw a lot of big ones still way up high with the does up there, but some of the does we saw down low had bucks with them but not normally. Old harbor.
  11. Blacktailaddiction

    2021 blacktail bucks

    The velvet buck had over a inch of fat on his whole back, and the others had over half a inch everywhere as well.
  12. Blacktailaddiction

    Cardboard Boat Races! Scout Troop 1103

    Huge fan of the scouting program and glad I worked and earned my eagle. Good on you for helping the kids down a brighter future and I am sure making lots of memories. And I won my pine wood derby race with a sleek car with weights loaded on the back end so I reached the exact weight limit. Added...
  13. Blacktailaddiction

    2021 blacktail bucks

    Old Harbor Kodiak blacktails. Velvet deer had no testicles so he stays in velvet. Awesome time in the hardest terrain I have ever walked through. 400 yard shot on the velvet deer and it took 90 minutes to get to him crossing the alder choked creeks.
  14. Blacktailaddiction

    2021 Sitka buck

    Hunting out of old harbor and saw a lot more deer today, they blend in way better then I was expecting, and I guarantee I missed more than a few in the long grass at long distances.
  15. Blacktailaddiction

    2021 Sitka buck

    Congratulations super nice deer, I drove around all the kodiak roads today exploring before I start hunting tomorrow, only saw one doe all day, I’m assuming due to a heavy amount of road hunters? Stopped and glasses a few places just for practice and had no luck seeing anything. Ha close run in...
  16. Blacktailaddiction

    2021 - Who Got Their First Elk?

    I did! Oregon Solo Cow Roosevelt Elk. Some of the best eating game meat out there. Full story here if interested
  17. Blacktailaddiction

    Ethics regarding spot "sleuthing" - what's your take?

    I use hiking rating websites and see what wildlife people are seeing. Been helpful for bear hunting locally! Also to answer the OP I would check it out, but normally I use you tubers content to help teach my self where I should be looking for animals or strategy to get on them.
  18. Blacktailaddiction

    Over Kill?

    Also this was a joke thread as I was bear hunting. Will be going back with a 223 for more as 2 others ran to private after I shot. I tan everything I harvest normally for practice but just wanted to get rid of the deer eating varmin as soon as I could.
  19. Blacktailaddiction

    Over Kill?

    So far really liking it. Harvested 2 bears and a elk so far with it and have had it for 8 months. All under 100 yard shots. 1st bear fell over right there as I blew it out it’s heart. Elk only made it 30 yards, I had a quartering towards shot there and blew out the lungs with no exit wound...