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  1. NevadaMike

    WTS Labradar in stock at Scheels

    I finally got one ordered
  2. NevadaMike

    Labradar in Stock Scheels. SOLD OUT

    I finally got one ordered
  3. NevadaMike

    Sold Leupold Vari-X III 3.5x10 - 50mm Silver finish

    I have a good condition Leupold Vari-X III scope with perfect glass. This was a safe queen so she has a few minor blemishes on the finish. Leupold silver rings are included. This is the duplex reticle. Final price reduction $375. PayPal FF and includes insured delivery through USPS. Thanks for...
  4. NevadaMike

    Sold Northern Nevada Reloading setup everything new 9mm, 10mm, 6.5, 06, 300PRC

    I will need to get a list together but wanted to see if there is any interest it buyers for face to face sale in the Reno area. I started feverishly collecting supplies last year and I just have not gotten the interest and my rifles shoot great with factory stuff. I don't want to break up what...
  5. NevadaMike

    WTS Tikka Leupold Backcountry rings 1" med $85 NIB

    I have a set of new Tikka rings for $85 shipped PayPal FF. Check them out online and see if they work for you.
  6. NevadaMike

    Sold 6.5 PRC on Cabellas right now. Good luck!

    As the title says
  7. NevadaMike

    Fierce Firearms long range school

    I attended a Fierce Long range school over the weekend and I thought I would post a simple review. I am new to any kind of accuracy shooting so use that as your basis. I picked up my first Tikka last year and sent it off to get the business at Hill Country Rifles. It shoots great. I ordered a...
  8. NevadaMike

    SE Alaska backcountry - What is the one thing you wish you had?

    So I am sitting here in SE Alaska warm and dry looking out the large window. Its is howling and blowing hard outside and just taking the dog out send waves of concern over my upcoming fly in trip. I have spent the last year collecting the best of what I could afford and even stuff I cant...
  9. NevadaMike

    Noob and 6.5 CM 143 ELD-X

    I have not really found the answer to my question so here it goes. I have all of the reloading supplies using H4350 and the 143 ELD-X projectile. One hundred precent of my reloading consumables and equipment is new in the box. Thats the noob part. My Fierce Fury loves the factory loaded...
  10. NevadaMike

    Sold Leupold Backcountry 30mm cross-slot 30mm rings and rail for Tikka T3x $85

    I have a one year old setup for a Tikka rifle. The rings are 30mm medium Cross-slot and the rail is also a leupold cross-slot. The Leupold mount finder came up with this combo for a VX-6 on my Tikka. I do not know what else it might fit. Pictures coming later today. Both to your door for $85...
  11. NevadaMike

    WTS Hornady 6.5 Match BTHP 140gr

    I have 2 boxes of unopened Hornady 6.5 140 grain Match. $100 to your door with PP F&F.
  12. NevadaMike

    WTT Northern Nevada H4350 or IMR4350 to trade for Accubonds

    Still struggling here. I have a few powders that are fresh and I have never opened them. I would like to trade at face value for Nosler Accubond 30 caliber 180 grain projectiles. I looked into shipping once before and its not practical from here. I do not have a UPS drop-off location nearby...
  13. NevadaMike

    WTT 30 Cal 178 ELD-X or 6.5 ELD-M for 30 cal Accubond 180gr

    So I just got my rifle back from getting the works at Hill Country Rifles. They do all the work to it and then figure out what it shoots the best. Well as it turns out my rifle shoots the unicorn projectile known as the Nosler Accubond in 180gr the best. If anyone out there has them please...
  14. NevadaMike

    WTT RCBS Supreme Rock Chucker kit NIB for Western Mountaineering semi rec bag

    I have a new in the box RCBS Rock Chucker supreme reloading kit and I am in search of a quality roomy 0 and below bag. This kit has everything you need to reload except for shell holder. I may have that for you also. I really I would like something like the Western Mountaineering Sequoia or...
  15. NevadaMike

    Alaska 2021 elk tag question.

    I won a drawing for an elk hunt this year and I was unsuccessful. I understand I can not apply for the same two week period in 2021 but am I allowed to apply for the other elk drawing in the same location? Thanks
  16. NevadaMike

    Sitka Gear stormfront pants $199

    I hope this is allowed but Sierra Trading post has the Sitka Storefront pants for $199. They just went into the clearance section. I am sure they are last years style but for those of us that don't use them regularly its not a bad deal.
  17. NevadaMike

    Accuracy problems?? Noob needs help!

    I have a new Tikka t3 30-06 and a Leupold VX6 2-12 with Leupold backcountry rings. I mounted the scope myself and used a torque wrench to Leupold specs. I was working on my final sighting and the groups were tight. I backed out to 200 held on the bullseye and as expected the group was tight...
  18. NevadaMike

    Northern Nevada FNG -- first tag ever ----- ELK in AK!

    Mid life here but always a sportsman just never a hunter until 54. I go on hunts in AK with a semi-strong back, binoculars, and a reasonable attitude provided I have coffee. I live in Nevada but I have a small place in Alaska where we primarily fish until now. A good friend and Alaska...
  19. NevadaMike

    Noob - Etolin Elk - first tag ever!

    I have been searching are reading like crazy and I am trying not to repeat questions already here. I am very familiar with the terrain and environment but I have not set foot on that specific island. I have a cabin just across the strait, fish around the island and have gone on hurts on Prince...