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  1. bz_711

    2021 Wyoming elk - solo hunt

  2. bz_711

    Complete Noob.

    Some quick random thoughts: -don't sell yourself short on 1st time out, realistically you won't tag, but have the mindset you will...there are elk in OTC units -truck camp on your first hunt, no sense in bivy - way harder than anybody leads on. This also allows you to move to another area...
  3. bz_711

    Rental car sticker shock

    It's legit...we've rescheduled a family Disney trip to Orlando multiple times due to COVID...rental car rates have more than doubled from last summer to this summer.... ...and gas up 50% ...lumber up 300% ...:(
  4. bz_711

    Shore fishing on the Gulf - Rookie needs help!

    Thank you for all the replies...VERY helpful...this site Roks! Lastly...I've ate Snapper, Mackerel, Grouper, Trigger, Seabass (and liked every one)...but those appear to be primarily reef fish...what are the couple most desirable to eat shore fish in the gulf? Would like to clean a few if it...
  5. bz_711

    Shore fishing on the Gulf - Rookie needs help!

    Looking for any tips/advice...taking family to the Gulf (FL panhandle) in June as we've done multiple times...but was thinking about getting a couple shore rigs for this year to try something different. We've offshored fish once which was a blast but hardly affordable this go around with my 4...
  6. bz_711

    Colorado - 2021 Big Game Tag Allocations

    It's hard for me to believe that 3 of the 4 units are over target objective (elk). What is your observation of CO elk herds comparing 2010 to 2020? Basically your eyes on the ground elk encounters from time in the woods 2010 to same in 2020? I appreciate such opinions of those with way more...
  7. bz_711

    Success In The High Country: My Public Land Colorado Elk

    Congrats! I'm assuming you're hooked? You nailed it on being thankful for a helpful group...I've had 3-5 guys help me on each of my elk and each time I couldn't be more thankful...not only just the help - but that also turns into some of the best memories!
  8. bz_711

    Elk Hunting clothing that won't break the bank

    I second the Walmart Wrangler outdoor 96% nylon...$22...I wear them the entire week, ride well on long hikes and dry quick. Same for long sleeve camo layer, walmart 100% poly camo top roughly $10. Just last couple years did upgrade to a merino t-shirt and merino...
  9. bz_711

    Colorado Archery Pressure

    Just from my experience...MZ season has made no difference at all when I've hunted...especially OTC. I've been to CO 10 straight seasons all of which have either touched one of the MZ weekends or been the same week...I've maybe heard 1 or 2 shots that might have been a MZ...never have seen...
  10. bz_711

    Elk Survey of Cameron Peak Fire Area

    Very Cool! (but also makes me wonder if they're trying to keep driving those OTC tag sales with vids such as this? - I thought we were supposed to not pressure wintering elk)
  11. bz_711

    What to do with Elk in WY with 9PP

    These guys are telling the truth. ...and if you guys need more help packing my buddy and I have 2PP each (both have taken archery elk)...that would make our average at 3.25 PP...still enough to guarantee general tag...and I'll buy pizza in town a couple times:) "Say When"
  12. bz_711

    CO Cow Elk

    I've never rifle hunted elk but would say that is probably best for cow/meat hunt. For archery I'd argue that shooting a cow is much harder than tagging a bull...just in my experience in CO for the way I hunt...
  13. bz_711

    What’s it worth?

    Luckily many guys on Rokslide offer it up free while paying it forward (I'm literally amazed at the great tips/info I've been given by others)...but most times we just do it via PM or phone calls...
  14. bz_711

    Archery elk camp suggestions?

    STOP...Read the quote above 10 times...then read it again 10 times. First time elk hunters should post this on their bathroom mirror at home that first year leading up to their hunt:)
  15. bz_711

    2021 Colorado Elk Archery OTC tag or Draw

    Some Quick thoughts: -as some have mentioned many units in SW and C that are now draw were OTC just a couple years ago...they are now draw because the herds have plummeted and they are limiting overall tags and cow tags in general now. Personally I'd avoid those units - elk numbers are...
  16. bz_711


    Considering first hunt in Grizz country this year...I'm all ears! These simple effective tips are what have always been great about Rokslide! Thanks!
  17. bz_711

    FINALLY got my first elk!

    You'll never forget your first... Congrats!
  18. bz_711

    Benz's 2020 Montana Elk Adventure (detailed)

    Congrats on getting a bull! And good on you for sharing as much info as you could...this would have been super helpful the first year I was planning for an elk trip back in '09...I didn't even know what a podcast was then. Looks like you forgot to post the one additional page titled...
  19. bz_711

    Got a little western

    Congrats on keeping your head in it till the end - Great Bull! Beautiful country...
  20. bz_711

    Brothers first elk

    Sounds fantastic! Congrats!