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    Christensen arms deals??

    Euro optics had them 15% off
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    Any rifle deals?

    euro optics has 15% off Christensen rifles
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    Walmart 22in Blackstone lid and carrying case

    just ordered one
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    Black Friday Deal Watch

    I have some money burning a hole in my pocket, ready to see some deals.
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    6.5 CM accubond or accubond LR?

    I prefer the regular AB's, I know they work 100% of the time.
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    6.5 creed primer size?

    I have better luck with the LRP over the SRP in the 6.5 creed
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    WTS 300 win ammo and 6.5x283 ammo

    Price drop on the 6.5x284
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    Southern Colorado giant hits the dirt!

    Great antelope, congrats
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    WTS 300 win ammo and 6.5x283 ammo

    I have five boxes of the 6.5x284 and want to sell as a lot. $200 tyd, sold Brand new, have four boxes I would like to sell as a lot. Price is $185 tyd this is Sold Cross posted so first PM gets it, paypal only. Feel free to PM me with any questions.
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    Thorofare Report

    That doesn't look like a fun spot to quarter. Congrats
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    Expensive Packs

    I'm not sure what pack I will be upgrading to but for me I am looking at reducing weight, I currently use the eberlestock just one pack. It carries weight just fine but empty without any add on weighs 7 pounds 8oz. Now I am not chasing ounces, but upgrading my starter back packing gear. My 4...
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    Advice for bear hunting PLEASE

    if the big bear is coming down the same trail, I would move my stand further that way and try and catch him before dark.
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    2021 WY success

    Antelope is probably my favorite animal to hunt. Good luck in the draw next year.
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    Couple of chocolate bears

    Very nice congrats
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    2021 WY success

    We arrived and set up camp by about 230 pm. We decided it was to hot to sit around camp so we would go out and do some looking around. We glassed up a bunch of groups and bucks, probably found around 25-30 bucks the first afternoon. My son (15) was itching to get hunting, but I told him it...
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    How Many Grinds

    I trim mine to remove as much large pieces of fat and tendons and always run two grinds with no issues. I also make sure meat is good and cold.
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    First antelope down

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    Antelope hunting in rain & snow

    Extreme heat and wind is the only thing I have found to mess with there patterns