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  1. Logan T

    Stop it. We don't need this anymore.

    If this was aimed my way…. If you, WV and browning would actually watch the clips I mentioned, and then read my whole comment, then read Randy’s reply, and then my second comment, you would see I’m not assuming anything. More “influencers“ than I can count have been called out on Rokslide for...
  2. Logan T

    Stop it. We don't need this anymore.

    Randy, its not the fact whether or not I think they are "a fair representation of the hunt" like you state/ask. It is the fact that you repeatedly said you were on public ground, when you clearly were not. In my own words, you basically stated, "Hey everyone, come out here and hunt like I do...
  3. Logan T

    Stop it. We don't need this anymore.

    Lol. He LITERALLY was claiming one thing while doing another. . Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. Logan T

    Stop it. We don't need this anymore.

    If you don't think his goal from Day 1 was to try and make money off of hunting, or become famous / create a following for himself, or something along those lines then you should ask Randy why in his inaugural season he LIED repeatedly into the camera about how he was hunting on public land when...
  5. Logan T

    Stop it. We don't need this anymore.

    Haven’t watched any of these videos but maybe he’s getting ready to go hunt private land again while calling it public. Pretty crazy that the “number 1 DIY style guy” in the hunting tv industry filmed at least two episodes on private land, and called them public land hunts in his 1st season...
  6. Logan T

    TIGHT Tikka Loading

    I have one 22-250 and my buddy has the same tikka 22-250. Have the same issue with factory ammo. About 1/4-1/3 of factory ammo won’t let the bolt shut. Have to check all the ammo as soon as we get a new box to sort out the shells that won’t work. Very frustrating. We’ve put micrometers on all...
  7. Logan T

    7 Bobcats in One Trap Check

    One awesome day on the trap line. Nice work
  8. Logan T

    And so it begins....

    Won’t be long before CO’s non resident elk hunter numbers - problems are taken care of …
  9. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    We aged him at 8 years old. Could be older, but some of the rings we called false. Wouldn‘t be shocked if he was 10 years old, he’s stacking rings up at the skull. Hopefully I can get results back from the lab soon.
  10. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    Oh yeah…. Plus the wife actually said I should have a full body done with it, so if your wife says that all on her own…. Does a man ever say “no”??! Haha Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    I kept the entire hide, and that’s what my dilemma has been since I got him. I was planning to do a rug with it, and that is how I skinned him. But…. He’s really a great goat for that area, and between that and the nostalgia of hunting that area where I grew up, I think my taxidermist will...
  12. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    I’ll find out. Haven’t had any yet, should get it back soon. Meat actually looked really good. It helps when the goat just rolls a little ways, even though it’s in a rock field, rather than falling and being airborne for a ways!
  13. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    Thanks. keep after it and I’m sure you’ll find one to notch your tag on!
  14. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    Thanks slick. I’ll send you a pm….
  15. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    Thanks and good luck….. I’m sure you’ll get into them and i hope you share some pictures!
  16. Logan T

    2021 Montana Goat

    Figured I’d share a little recap of my goat hunt. I drew a tag in a place that is one of the harder areas to find goats in In the state. Put in a pile of miles scouting, with the goal being just to turn up a mature billy. Couldn’t ever find a mature billy before season, had a hard time just...
  17. Logan T

    Newb Question - Halter vs Get Down Rope

    Just use your normal halter and put your bridle on over it when your in the mountains. Then just take your bridle off and tie up anywhere you may need.
  18. Logan T

    Iron Will Broadhead Giveaway!

    S100 Montana elk, mule deer, mountain goat, black bear and antelope
  19. Logan T

    Let's see your mountain goat pics!

    Decker what’s the deal with that location? Why do they love that spot so much? Pretty sweet videos and pics
  20. Logan T

    MT 2021 draws are out

    I had 4 I believe going into the draw but …… Probably shouldn’t say it but this will be my second goat hunt for myself in this same unit… My father drew the tag a while ago, then i drew the same tag the following year, and now I get to go back again!

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