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    WTS First lite Solitude & Catalyst Jackets and Pants

    All in Size medium in Specter. I bought these brand new in October and wore then maybe 6 times each. No bush busting just sitting in a treestand. They are in New condition. Solitude $540 shipped UPS Catalyst $480 shipped UPS Feel free to call or text 517-795-0365 Sent from my...
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    WTS Sitka Traverse Hoody M- subalpine

    Like new, smoke free shipped UPS. $130. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTS Kifaru Straight Jacket

    Bag only. Brand new, never left my basement. $230 shipped UPS. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTS Kryptec Vellus Pants and Jacket

    Medium Brand new without tags. $230 shipped UPS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTS Original cargo panel wolf Grey and shapecharge pocket in highlander..

    Both like new. $135 shipped UPS Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    DIY Decked

    Built a decked system this weekend for around $350. Pretty happy with the way it turned out. I have a 2018 Ram 1500 eco diesel with a 6.5' bed. It has what looks to be small ledges on the four corners of the bed and on tye wheel hubs that fit a 2x4 or 2x6 perfectly. With a 2x4 it wasn't high...
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    WTS Mathews VXR 28 Brand New

    Brand new unregistered vxr 28 in Ambush. 29" 70lb mods. $900 shipped ups. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    WTS Jetstream Jacket M

    I bought it a year ago. Wore if driving around glassing once and it's been in my closet since. Non smoker, stored scent free. Shipped UPS with Tracking. $285 plus PayPal fees Tap a talk not letting me upload pics. I'll try later or pm me.
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    WTS Marsupial bino harness and pouches

    I have a marsupial gear medium in multicam with a rangefinder pouch and small zippered pouch. Used it one season with my maven 10x42s. It's in perfect condition. Non smoker stored scent free. $135 shipped
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    Shapecharge for treestand hauling

    When kifaru released the Stryker I was really excited. Having a frame pack that could work for western day hunts and be detached from the frame quickly to use for hauling a treestand and sticks for whitetail for hang and hunts would be perfect. The Stryker was a great pack but I learned two...
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    WTS Shapecharge with medium pouch

    Pretty much brand new. I've taken it to the stand 3 times. Perfect condition, non smoker. I've put shrink tubing at the ends of all the zipper pulls and added an amsteel top handle. Also includes a medium ranger green pouch. $330 shipped UPS
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    WTS Coyote Stryker

    Like new coyote brown Stryker. Used on a few turkey and whitetail hunts. Comes with two sets of Compression straps and 4 sets of male/female buckles. $200 shipped
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    WTS Eureka Solitaire 1 person backpacking tent

    Brand new without tags. Set it up once inside my house. Only 2lbs 9oz. Just a little small for me. $65 shipped.
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    Stryker's cargo panel on bigger bag?

    Any of you guys who sew your own packs ever thought about making a bag like the 22 or 44 mags with a stryker style cargo panel? For me I think that would be the ultimate all around pack. Love my Stryker but a lot of times I kind of wish the main bag was bigger and had side pockets. Just curious
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    Kifaru possibles pouch as a an exterior pocket

    I just received two possibles pouches from kifaru, a small and a medium with the thought in the back of my head of using them as an external pocket on my stryker. Their belt pouches are great but I like a little more organization. Turkey hunting over the last few weeks I used the Stryker and...
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    Exo lid repurposed on a kifaru stryker

    I had a k3 exo that had the lid replaced because their first batch were off just a bit. I sold the pack and bought a Stryker but kept the original lid. I cut the buckles off and replaced them with kifarus. It works great to hold the predator platform.
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    WTS Fourth Arrow Stiff Arm and base

    Like new. Bought last fall and only had it in the tree twice. Works great but just didn't film enough to justify keeping it. Throwing in a GKGK head. The shoulder has been stealth stripped for noise deasening. $140 shipped UPS.
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    WTS NIB Bushnell Impulse Cell Cam, Verizon

    Brand new never opened Verizon impulse. $200 shipped UPS.
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    WTS Brand new Maven C3 12x50

    Brand new, never left my house. I've just been comparing them to my 10's for the last month out my back window and I don't really need the extra magnification. $350 shipped UPS cont us. Will post pics tonight.
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    WTS Kifaru Small Belt Coyote

    Perfect condition. $50 shipped.