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  1. cornfedkiller

    What top am I looking for?

    Ryan's second layer thread got me thinking about this thread again and I still have a couple questions.. 1) To the guys suggesting a lightweight merino under a peloton 97, what is the purpose of the merino? It's my understanding that its the fleece that absorbs the sweat from the merino and...
  2. cornfedkiller

    Kisser button vs nose vs both

    I was a hand on the cheek and touch my nose to the string guy forever, but saw several people with a kisser button and decided to give it a try and I've stuck with it ever since. Kisser button in the corner of my mouth, tip of my nose touching the string.. works well for me.
  3. cornfedkiller

    Tripod head options

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  5. cornfedkiller

    Sitka 2022 Rumors

    Their original sanctuary is pretty decent at blocking wind also, but my most used bibs are the Solitude (temps here during the rut are typically 20-50 degrees), and the wind blows right through them. I've even thought about buying some cheap "wind pants" at walmart to wear underneath and see if...
  6. cornfedkiller

    Sitka 2022 Rumors

    I'd request for the 10th year in a row the stratus/fanatic line with the exterior fabric of the fanatic light. For anyone that hunts where there are a lot of burrs, that brushed/berber fleece sucks. I've switched my outer layers to First Lite for this reason, but really miss the windstopper.
  7. cornfedkiller

    New Arrow Build for 2022

    Curious about this as well
  8. cornfedkiller

    BlackOvis custom arrows

    Do NOT glue your nocks in... Saran wrap works well for loose fitting nocks.
  9. cornfedkiller

    Sheep Show 2022

    Any pics?
  10. cornfedkiller

    Help me pick a new bullet please!

    Another vote for Barnes TEZ 290s. I use Harvester Crush Rib sabots with mine and they are much easier to push down the barrel.
  11. cornfedkiller

    Small Plastic Belt Buckle Source

    @strousek Thought I'd bump this up... Just received the new Stone Glacier catalog in the mail this morning noticed they are now selling the belt that used to come in Sitka pants.
  12. cornfedkiller

    Round Up Ready or Liberty Link Corn/Soybeans?

    Since you already have that, then I would stick with what Whisky suggested. I prefer RR/Enlist soybeans, which can be sprayed with 2,4D.. I spray a mixture of Gly/2,4D when the beans are just about too big to fit under the 4wheeler. And when I plant corn, I hit it with that same mix of...
  13. cornfedkiller

    WTS 10 GT Pro Hunter 400s

    I have 10 used GT Pro Hunters, 400 spine, 26.25" carbon to carbon. 5 of them are the newer style and have been shot very little (mostly ride around in my quiver) and all fletched with 2.1" fusion vanes. The other 5 are older but have nothing wrong with them. 4 of them are fletched with fusions...
  14. cornfedkiller

    WTS Benro S2 and Extra QR Plate

    I would assume they are proprietary, since they don't fit in anything else I own. The panhead has been sold!
  15. cornfedkiller

    SO U-turn vs standard stove

    Once you burn it in and give that stove body piece a little "memory", it will be even easier to assemble.
  16. cornfedkiller

    Stove vs Heavier Sleeping bag

    Hopefully others with more experience will chime in as well, but the stove is pretty much only for the evenings and mornings.. your sleeping bag should still be rated for the temps for the night. The advantage of the stove is being able to dry stuff out, and not have to sit in your sleeping...
  17. cornfedkiller

    Base to ogive inconsistency?

    Will do, but I'm struggling with why that would matter.. measuring the BTO would tell me if some bullets are longer or shorter than others, right? If my brass is in the piston and the bullet is being pressed down from the top, it shouldnt make much difference if one bullet is longer than...