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  1. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Need a #legend Update

    Cmon @robby denning! Some of us wait all fall to hear how your hunts went! Can you tell us a story? I know darn well you didn't just stop hunting mule deer.
  2. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    When Trad is tough

    Nothing like whining to your internet friends when things get tough, right? By my count I've hunted 100+ different days (mostly Texas public lands) with a recurve since the last time I killed something bigger than a squirrel. I thought for sure I had it in the bag in CO this September when I...
  3. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Musing on Pre Season Meltdowns

    I've always had some level of target panic. Joel Turner and Tom Clum's training has helped me manage it into remission. But every year, right before the season I have a meltdown of some sort. I've grown accustomed to it, and know how to handle it now (Joel Turner's stuff is pure gold). But I...
  4. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    My Gear List - CO Archery

    September needs to hurry up and arrive. I'm going crazy. Anyways, I was putting together a spreadsheet of what will be coming with me in CO in September and figured I'd put it here for critique/help for anyone who wants a jumping off point of their own. I don't have the food sorted yet, but this...
  5. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    WTS Medium Long Kryptek Takur Pants, NWT

    Need to do a catch and release here: Ordered a set of Kryptek Takur rain pants(assuming they're last year's model) from the discount section on their website. They came in the mail today and they're too tight in the quads for me. As they're discount items, there's no returns or exchanges, so...
  6. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Kryptek Takur Pant Sizing

    I just wanted to throw some info out there so y'all can learn from my experience. I ordered some Takur rain pants from the clearance section on Krypteks website. I'm a 33" waist, with a 34" inseam, and have been for ages. But my quads and thighs are big, and I usually need a 34x34 wrangler to...
  7. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Kuiu Chugach Going Away? I've been corrected!

    Apparently I waited too long to order a set of rainpants to go with my jacket... Chugach line is in the outlet, already out of camo options, and size large, and a call to their sales department yielded a bunch of hemming and hawing when I asked if they're discontinuing it. But they eventually...
  8. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Heads Up Decoy for High Country Mule Deer

    Anyone used a bow mounted decoy for high country mule deer? Seems like it could buy yourself an extra two or three seconds to settle in and shoot when a big velvet buck stands up from his bed. But... I don't have any experience with it, and I don't hear much about the idea. Who's done it? Good...
  9. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    What The Heck Just Happened?

    Where did the dark theme go?!?!
  10. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Is There a Line?

    ...between being a good hunter, and an excessive killer? I love hunting, and I always want to fill the freezer, and then a second one if possible. But some guys are successful in 3-4 states, for multiple species. One of my buddies averages 8-10 deer a year with his recurve. I wouldn't say that's...
  11. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Kifaru Hunter vs UltraLite Convince Me

    So, with this fancy sale going on at Kifaru, I got to thinking about upgrading my frame. But I haven't had a single problem with my existing setup. Someone convince me it's worth buying the new one! Anyone know the weight difference? Have opinions?
  12. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    2020 Gear Post Mortem

    Experience teaches like nothing else can, so what did you learn about your gear from actual hunting this season? List the season and conditions if they're relevant! Montana, November, Deer/Elk/Waterfowl. Temps ranged from 10-60 degrees. No deep snow. After 5 years I finally got to put my...
  13. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Help Sourcing Quick Release Buckle like on SG Gun Sling

    Well, I have the bottom half of a DIY gunbearer put together, but I really cannot seem to find the right cam action buckle for the top half. Maybe I'm just crazy, but all the ones I see on Amazon look like they are designed for the webbing to go through them like a belt.
  14. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    BaseMap 3D doesn't work on PC?

    Title says it all. I can't find a 3D layer while using BaseMaps on my laptop. This is really disappointing.
  15. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Sold Toelke Whip Longbow 66" [email protected]"

    Very light poundage, [email protected] (bow is marked [email protected]"). Absolutely gorgeous myrtle veneers. Excellent condition, only used for target shooting. Made this spring, I'm the original owner. I'm a recurve man apparently, so you get a discount on a like new bow. This is a perfect 3D bow, beginner bow for...
  16. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Sold Hoyt Spyder 34s 60-70lbs

    Excellent condition Hoyt Spyder 34s. Black Gold 7 pin sight on a slider, Ripcord drop away rest, Fuse stabilizer, Tight spot 5 arrow quiver, and Fuse Clinch Series release. Comes in SKB hard case with 10 Easton Axis arrows (not sure on the spine, looks to be 300 or 340). My grandpa bought this...
  17. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Benchmade Bugout Is Legit!

    I picked up a Benchmade bugout folder in July and I've been carrying it every day since. At this point I can say you guys NEED to try one out! Make sure you have diamond sharpeners, because the steel is hard, but this knife rocks. I reprofiled the grind on the S30V blade to a much shallower...
  18. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Low Light Glassing Question

    I was out glassing a cut cornfield last night with some Nikon Monarch HG's in 10x42, and the Kowa 773. First of all, wow, that Kowa continues to amaze me. Secondly, my binoculars seemed to run out of gas with at least 10 minutes of legal light left, while the spotter was crisp to the last...
  19. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Stop saying “but”

    As in, “not the biggest, but”... If the damn animal is big enough to kill, it should be big enough to make you happy. Own that shit! Be fired up that your freezer is full and you managed to accomplish something primal. You literally just engaged, and succeeded, in a tradition as old as time...
  20. Trumpkin The Dwarf

    Insoles/lacing vs Brand - Boot Fit help?

    How much of poor fitting boots is just the insoles/lacing? I have a pair of Zamberlans that I have a love/hate relationship with. Sometimes they feel flawless, other times they bruise the crap out of my achilles. For a while they hurt the balls of my feet until I got a pair of superfeet orange...

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