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    Camera land customer service

    Several years ago I bought a "used" 6.5x20 Zeiss, it was a shot show extra or something. Anyway, it shows up a few days later in the mail. Two days after that another one shows up in the mail. Hmmm, no extra charge on the CC. I call and ask if they are missing one. One was shipped UPS the...
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    Trespassing / Posting Public Land Stories

    What's fun is when someone calls the GW on you. Several years back, after months of behind kissing, I talked the land manager into letting me hunt a piece of company property. It had a locked gate, and I parked inside the gate at the same spot several times before being stopped. One evening I...
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    If you want something that will last, I'd also recommend Amish or look for a local cabinet maker and custom design something. Most everything you'll find in a store is crap pressboard from China, IMO. You could also look for something "vintage". Also, there used to be some decent stuff made...
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    JRE 1763

    I just think it's sad that a cage fighter commentator who is also the former host of Fear Factor is becoming the least biased source for truth in current events. I think it's hilarious that people are now trying to have him silenced. Spotify is laughing all the way to the bank.
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    Members opinions of the Winchester Mod. 70?

    It's my favorite, just wish it was a bit lighter. Down to four : pre-64 in .22 CHeetah, .223 ai, .243 that was my fathers, and a 308. I've also got two FN/SPR stamped actions from CDNN when the New Haven plant closed. Still trying to figure out what to do with them.
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    UA and Cam Hanes part ways

    If I were to bet this would be it. I'm pretty sure Jocko told Rogan the hunting gear should be ready by next season.
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    Who would you hunt with?

    I'm betting there would be some good stories.
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    So what was it if not Squatch?

    Do I believe in bigfoot? No. Do I hope there is a bigfoot? Yes. FWIW, in my part of the country he's known as the Big Muddy Monster and now has his own beer.
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    Bourbon hunting

    It has been a couple of years since I last saw a bottle of Blanton's or anything with Weller's on the label. I can hardly find Buffalo Trace in my area, and when you do you're limited to one bottle. I gave up and started drinking other things. Larceny is my current favorite.
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    suggestions for a scope on a 9 1/2 in. barrel super redhawk .44

    That's what I have on my Bisley SBH
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    Help me choose a 7mm..

    I hope to add a S&L to the collection some day. Amazing rifles, cut rifled barrels, a company rumored to have such good gunsmiths that when occupied in WW2 they sabotaged rifles without the Germans figuring it out. Too bad they are no longer imported to the US.
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    Kidney stone

    Get it analyzed after you pass it. Knowing what causes it can help prevent another. Mine were thanks to high uric acid. I now drink a lot of water with crystal light lemonade flavor pack, contains potassium which counteracts the uric acid, or so I'm told. That and severely cutting back on...
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    Help me choose a 7mm..

    If you want something a little different, might I suggest 7x61 S&H. Brass is a bit of an issue, but if you buy the die it can be formed from 7mm Mag. I had pacnor put mine together a few years ago.
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    Cardboard Boat Races! Scout Troop 1103

    Here are a couple pics I found. That's me in front in the final race. The red boat in the previous picture is behind me. About 5-6 years after these photos, I became roommates with the brother of the guy that took 2nd in the kayak division this year. Small world. I miss the 80's.
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    Ammo storage options

    I seal the primers on ammo I intend to keep awhile. Ask the wife, gf, or daughter for old nail polish they don't want. Put a drop on the primer and wipe off excess. When I worked at the ammo plant I never did the their recipe, but I don't think it is very different.
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    Cardboard Boat Races! Scout Troop 1103

    Pretty sure cardboard boat races started at my alma mater, SIUC, as a final project for a design class. I won the paddle wheel division many years ago as a senior in HS with a boat my physics class built.
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    Is there any real danger of an overly high pressure following book loads?

    Depends on the age of the book. I have the book my dad used back in the 60's. I wouldn't trust those numbers.
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    Downside of a new job

    After 20+ years in the mining industry, I made a switch and now work for the state DOT. No where near the money and I took a hit on vacation, but I now have a pension, 7.5 hr work day, and more holidays than I can remember. Bonus has been reduced stress, no more night terrors, ability to roll...
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    What's Your Side Hustle?

    Trying to get something with paracord off the ground. Things like rifle slings, game totes, call lanyards, key chains, etc. Only been at it a month or so, but it's been slow going. Lots of established competitors.
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    Drilling in Yellowstone….could save America

    Those are some interesting podcasts. I'd heard of the short faced bear, but never knew there were lions and giant ground sloths in North America.