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    WTS Elberstock Just One

    Elberstock Just one pack in great condition. A bit Dirty but no rips, tears all straps, bucklers and zippers are mint. Never hauled meat. $225 Shipped
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    WTB Pack in the $200-$300 range

    Hi folks, Im looking for a pack in the $200 range. Will be used as a daypack, may have to haul meat. Pm me if you have something in good condition you would like to move. Thanks!
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    WTT WTT Zeiss Victory SF 10x42

    im in need of a new pair of binos. Any of those forsale?
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    SWARO 10x42 SLC

    sent you a PM
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    Kifaru Timberline 2 for sale

    If you would like to see pics. shoot me a pm with your email and I will send them to you. Lorne
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    Kifaru Timberline 2 for sale

    Older style with built in stays. good condition. No blood or anything. 26inch stays. medium and large belt 2 belt pockets. Grab it $350 Can email pics.
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    Planning a MT Goat Hunt in BC i think . What outfitter ?

    I am a BC resident. The back door deal was Brutal and hunters are outraged. For most of us...this fight is with the government. I and NO one I know would ever interfere with someone's hunt. We are very thankful for the opportunities provided to Non residents by Americans. Not that I need to go...
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    Swarovski 10x42 el

    Great price! If the Canadian Dollar wasn't so brutal id own these!
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    Swarovski Optics Package

    Sold... Lorne
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    Swarovski Optics Package

    Will not seperate. This is a wicked deal for the person looking for a Christmas Upgrade. New boat needs stuff, optics need to go for now. $3000usd for everything. Includes shipping with insurance. Would prefer to meet up face to face but will ship. Everything comes in original boxes and is great...
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    Favorite piece from kuiu?

    I like all my kuiu pieces. I own most of their merino, attack pants, guide jacket and spindrift. Attack pants are my fav forsure
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    Guide killed Goat hunting in BC

    From what I understand they shot the goat late in the day and decided to come down and go back up and get the goat the next day. He was only a few hundred yards from being down when he fell. This was posted on the owner of Tezwa expeditions FB Friends Yesterday at 3:30pm I received a...
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    My Best Blacktail

    That's a hog! Nice one!
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    Guide killed Goat hunting in BC

    Hey guys, A guide and outfitter slipped to his death a day or 2 ago. I did a search on here and didn't find anything, but I thought I would pass it along. He was 25. Be careful out there, it only takes one mis-step...
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    Rokslide Waterfowlers?

    British Columbia. We get a few every year. :)
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    Rokslide Waterfowlers?

    Waterfowler at heart...
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    The Official Rokslide Charity Raffle thread for Tri2Hunt

    Tri2hunts Paypal is [email protected] Here is the original thread
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    Semi Custom Tikka T3 Superlite

    You might be surprised about the recoil. I bought a .300wsm super light and put a good limbsaver on it. I was actually scared shitless at first lol. But it doenst kick nearly as bad as I though. Looks good! Lorne