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  1. thillman

    257 Wby

    Recently scooped up a 257 Weatherby and have been feeling quite confident with it shooting 100 gr TTSX out of it to about 400 yards or so. I have a cow elk hunt coming up in October and have been told by a few people its more then plenty to anchor a cow. Just looking for a little...
  2. thillman

    Hunting w/ Carter Evolution

    Have been shooting the Carter Evolution for a bit now and am thinking about hunting with it. Just looking to see how folks have made out with it in a hunting atmosphere. Thanks
  3. thillman

    Wyoming 37-6

    Hello, Looking at getting in the left over draw in Wyoming for the 2021 season in hopes of chasing cow elk. My understanding of unit 37 so far is lots of roads, lots of folks and lots of elk, but in places where NR public land hunters can't hardly access them. That being said, is this an area...
  4. thillman

    Colorado Cylinder Stoves

    Does anyone have any experiences with the Colorado Spruce Stove? Looking to put one in a Kodiak 10x14. Or stove recommendations all together. Also on another note what is your experience with silicon stove jacks such as the winnerwell and canvas camp. Thanks!
  5. thillman

    December Cow Elk -WY

    Hi all, First post here, I am looking to go on a cow elk hunt in December in Wyoming. I have ample time to hunt...around 18 days. Last year I attempted to hunt unit 34. I had seen numerous elk private land at low elevations despite the warm temps( mid 40’s) and little snow up until about 8500’...