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  1. justin davis

    WTS Sitka ESW Pant

    Forsale. Sitka ESW pant. Optifade Elevated 2 camo. Size 30 R Brand new with tags $125 TYD
  2. justin davis

    Top tier ARs

    Rock river makes a sweet AR. Mine is very accurate. Under 1/2” moa
  3. justin davis

    Will Vehicle Prices Ever Decrease?

    The prices are crazy. I want a newer truck someday. I’m ok with used. But right now the used trucks are more than a new one. What the heck
  4. justin davis

    WTB Berger hybrid 215 gr bullets

    I have a box I believe
  5. justin davis

    Mexico Muley 2022

    Nice buck congrats
  6. justin davis

    Durable vanes

    Q2i and Flex fletch are probably most durable in my opinion
  7. justin davis

    Sheep Show 2022

    I’m referring to the guy who bought the Colorado tag for 185,000 and then bought the toas Pueblo hunt right after for 200,000. He wasn’t bidding for others. He came up to our booth earlier on Friday and asked about sheep hunting in Colorado and then said “I’m gonna buy that tag tonight.” I...
  8. justin davis

    Sheep Show 2022

    The guy that bought the toas Pueblo mountain hunt also bought the Colorado tag right before that. Did he buy the Washington one too?
  9. justin davis

    More CO cattle wolf slaying

    Sad thing is liberals see no problem with this. I often hear “they have to eat too.” Etc I also hear the response of people who say “well that’s part of living in the country.” And “the state reimburses them so it’s ok.” The fact is The state reimburses the ranchers but they only reimburse...
  10. justin davis

    WTS Foxpro electronic caller

    Forsale: Like new Foxpro Fusion electronic caller. This was purchased less than a year ago. I Only used it a couple of times. Great condition. Comes with a Foxpro external speaker for added volume or versatility. Comes with the new Foxpro TX1000 remote loaded with 200 sounds. You can add more...
  11. justin davis

    First Wolf Kill of Livestock in Colorado

    Dang. Well from the stupid ass democrats view “that’s part of living in the country side.” Or the wolves got to eat too. That’s their response It’s hard to reason with clowns
  12. justin davis

    E-Form4 information

    Ok cool. Yea I called my dealer and he said the atf website has been crashing and that’s the hold up on the certification process. So hope once’s it’s up and running then I will Get a call at some point.
  13. justin davis

    E-Form4 information

    Interesting that yours was ready to certify so quick after purchase. I’ve been waiting for the “Ready to certify” from SilencerShop for over a month. Gonna call my dealer and see if they have any insight.
  14. justin davis

    Coyote kill and cook

    I’ve eaten a coyote. Wasn’t bad
  15. justin davis

    UA and Cam Hanes part ways

    The epic outdoors guys are sponsored by under armour aren’t they
  16. justin davis

    An encounter that was scary

    Wow that’s awesome
  17. justin davis

    Counterclockwise bow strings

    I didn’t do it. He recommended the right twist that most string makers make because it’s easier to keep it tight. I did have some Americans beat strings and they were left twist I always wanted it to get my bareshaft arrows spinning to the right.
  18. justin davis

    Counterclockwise bow strings

    I asked a string maker once if he would do it. And said he could although he didn’t prefer it
  19. justin davis

    Counterclockwise bow strings

    America Best might do it too. But not forsure
  20. justin davis

    Sheep Show 2022

    You couldn’t have a knife at the peppermill? I walked in and out of there multiple times with fixed blade handle knife sticking out of my pocket. As far as the sheep show. Awesome show. The auction tag sales were impressive wow