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    WTS .308 Win Lapua Brass

    Factory Sealed Lapua 100 Round Blue Box .308 Winchester Large Primer Brass @$95 shipped
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    WTS/WTT .264 Win Mag Brass & Dies

    .264 Win Mag 3 - 50 Round New Sealed Bags Norma Brass @$95 each 1/2 bag new primed brass 1- Redding Full Length Die Set like new @$70 shipped Trade?
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    Positive Experience With Leica CS

    I own several Leica sport optics products . Recently they replaced no charge a couple of items they could no longer supply parts for. With this new level of service I can highly recommend Leica. I find their quality in their products at a level higher than others in the premium market. Not sure...
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    What Western State Offers Resident Hunters The Best Yearly Big Game Opportunities

    Outside of Alaska, which western states allow the best opportunity to hunt big game each year in quality areas without waiting years for limited tags? I am now more of a meat and experience hunter. I have found myself hitting retirement age and semi retirement but don’t want to entirely stop...
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    WTS/WTT WTT for or WTB Nosler 6.5 140 grain Accubonds Have .270 Winchester

    Would like to buy Nosler 6.5 140grain Accubonds. Have for trade: .270 Nosler 140gr Accubonds .270 Nosler 130gr Partitions 350 pieces New Winchester .270 Winchester Brass same lot 3 New Factory boxes of 20 .270 Winchester Brass Redding New .270 Winchester 2 Die Set
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    Chinese CCP Manufactured Sports Optics.

    What are your feelings and views about purchasing Sports Optics manufactured by the Chinese Communist Party? My views are to boycott the CCP in every way possible. The CCP’s openly stated policy is World domination and the end of personal freedoms and liberties .The CCP is creating the largest...
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    Leica Geovid-R 10X42 OR Leica Geovid HD-R-2700 Anyone Been Using These

    Anyone put these two Leica’s through the paces? How have they held up in Real world hunting conditions? Are there any big advantage to the HD model? I am familiar and have used several pair of Leica Trinovids 10X42 and they have served me well. The Trinovids are not top of the line glass but I...