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  1. tak

    iPhone 13 Pro Digiscope Set Up

    Finally upgraded my old iPhone 8, so I need a new digscoping set up. I've been using phone skope in the past, but I also don't miss shelling out for the Novagrade - especially since I need a new bino adaptor and possibly may get a new spotter in the next year. My question has to do with the 3...
  2. tak

    Sold Vortex Precision Matches Rings 1"

    1" precision matched rings, these are he good ones, serialized, made in USA. I believe Seekins makes these for Vortex. Used very briefly on a 300 blk bolt gun, so they've seen very little recoil. $100 TYD
  3. tak

    Sold magpul bipod for pic rail

    Used very slightly, I just have plenty of bipods. Very solid, especially for the weight, it's at least 1/4 pound lighter than my Atlas or Harris. $70 TYD Venmo or PayPal
  4. tak

    Sold Marsupial Rangefinder Pouch

    Brand New, still in the box. Ranger Green. Ordered a couple months ago, but just stuck with range finding binos. $25 TYD, Venmo or cover PayPal fees. Thanks!
  5. tak

    Sold Vortex Ranger 1500 Rangefinder

    Excellent condition. Only thing I can find is the mark on the front. Had to work to get the light right to have it show in the picture. $225 TYD paypal or Venmo
  6. tak

    Sold Kifaru Shape Charge

    Excellent EDC/day pack! Used very little, bought in August. I even have a sticker for you! I just decided to get a 22 mag. $290 shipped, you cover PayPal fees. I can send more pics, just LMK. I can only add one on Tapatalk right now.
  7. tak

    Sold Vortex Summit Carbon II Tripod

    Excellent ultralight tripod. I should keep it, but I got a RRS tripod, so I'm committed to carrying that for a while. I only used this at the range, I was even able to shoot off it to 300 yards. Obviously that's not ideal, but I just wanted to see what it could do. It worked great. Price Drop...
  8. tak

    Sold Like New NL Pure 12x42

    I will probbaly regret this, but letting these go to stay with a rangefinding bino. I bought these off here just a couple months ago, I added the forehead rest. The outdoorsman stud was already on. Also comes with everything in the box, straps, manual, cards, even the Swarovski sticker. I...
  9. tak

    WTS/WTT Rifdlescopes Vortex Razor, Burris XTR II

    Doing some clean up and going to let these scopes go. Vortex Razor Gen II 3-18x50, includes Vortex PMR rings, these are rock solid rings, comes with defender flip caps, throw lever, and I also have the sunshade and box. Great deal! Priced accordingly since I rattle canned it. $1000 shipped...
  10. tak

    35mm rings?

    Are there any 35mm rings that aren’t for a pic rail? If there are, I can’t seem to find them. This is for a Leupold Mark 5 on a hunting gun, so I was hoping for something like Talley lightweights or Hawkins LR Hybrid. I may have to stick with a pic rail. Thanks in advance!
  11. tak

    Simms G3 boot sizing

    Would you choose it to be a little small or a little big? Primary use will be brown bear on AK peninsula. Some hiking, but not a ton. I tried on a Simms G3 boot, size 11. With the stocking foot, they just fit, maybe slightly tight. They didn’t have a 12, so they ordered one, and hopefully it’ll...