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    Sold Filson leather boots size 8

    I scored a nice pair of Filson leather boots. No lining, no GTX just good old fashioned leather! Nice condition, almost new. Maintained properly with boot oil. Just selling because they don't fit my feet good enough. These a D width and I suspect I need a wider model. Filson has some great...
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    First ever hunt in the US and Idaho

    Hey fellow hunters! I just wanted to post a thread of my first ever hunt in the US and in Idaho. Moved here from Sweden last November and the hunting here is different 🙂 Just spent 3 days this week hunting the archery opener for mule deer. 2 different units, 3 different areas. Scouting hasn't...
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    WTS Stone Glacier Krux Evo belt

    I have a large SG Krux Evo belt and I'd like to trade or sell and buy a medium belt. It's for sale as soon as I get a medium belt first.
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    How careful with water?

    So where I come from, Northern Sweden, the water is clean and safe to drink, pretty much anywhere. With the spring run-off the water is bad, but that's it. And over here in the US, we have to deal with giardia. I know a water filter will take care of 99% of the virus and parasites in the water...
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    Sold Badlands Superday - practically new

    I'm looking to sell my Badlands Superday backpack. I took in my 10-yr old pack to Badlands in June and they deemed it beyond repair :) So with their awesome warranty, I got a new one! So, new from July, I've taken it out twice. No holes, no rips, no blood or other stains. Smells a little bit of...
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    A deal on Kuiu?

    So I see an ad locally on FB for a Kuiu pack system and I cannot find that much information about it online. It's a frame with a large belt/suspension. What waist size would large with Kuiu be? It's a couple of years old. Incl the Icon 3200 bag and the Ultra 5500 bag. All this for $350. Now...
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    Anyone in Idaho Falls?

    So we just moved here, my wife, son and I, amd now I'm looking for someone like-minded that wouldn't mind showing me around. Not even been in IF a week yet, so haven't driven around much. Got my flyfishing pole and would like to take a small trip before all creeks and lakes freezes over. Or...
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    Anyone hang their animal like this?

    So here in Sweden we always hang our moose in the pelvic hip bone, I believe that's the term, because of rigor mortis. Haven't seen anyone on here talk about it, how come? We even hang moose in the backcountry like this, big pain and we use pulleys and lots of muscle. Just wondering, there are...
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    Anyone ever use a "regular" hiking backpack?

    I see that everybody posts about amazing hunting backpacks that are specialized for hunters and the needs we might feel like. But for many, the budget for a good backpack just isn't there. I might have the money, but I cannot justify, for myself, a $5-600 backpack. I want one, I can afford one...
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    New member from Sweden, headed to Idaho

    Hey all, I managed to find this forum from another post in Wildlife in Utah forum, asking for some help regarding Idaho. I'm an avid hunter and outdoorsman from the North of Sweden, we're talking about 1,5 hrs above the Arctic Circle, Fairbanks level give or take. Up here we usually hunt...