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    Effords base camp hunt

    I have this hunt booked with Effords for September of 2020 along with my dad and brother. I've been super excited for this hunt since we started talking about it mainly because the time spent with my dad and brother. Today my dad told us that he was going to call Effords and try and get him to...
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    New gun...

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    NF moose hunt story

    Great pictures and story! Thanks for sharing. Maybe I missed it, but do you mind sharing what outfit you hunted with? Thanks again!
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    Program Recommendations

    Thanks Joonyer. I'll check those out. Coach. Good point thanks, I didn't really spell that out in my original post. Mainly just better overall fitness. Lose a few pounds in the process, better endurance etc. I am not new to lifting, and am definitely open to weight training with cardio/...
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    Program Recommendations

    Hi all. I wanted to get some recommendations for a new program. I've always been pretty in shape with physically demanding jobs and hobbies, but recently had a little one and not having much time for the gym/ hobbies is beginning to take it's toll. I still eat pretty well so it's not out of...
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    Blasphemy I know

    Then trash it. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
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    Blasphemy I know

    Sell it or donate it to a kid that wants to get in to hunting.
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    Battle of the Single Stage Press

    I use a cheap Lee Classic Cast press. It was cheap and makes accurate ammo. I'm sure there are much nicer ones, but it does what I need.
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    How are you weighing each charge?

    I recently got the chargemaster lite. It was life changing! OK maybe not life changing, but man is it a lot nicer than waiting for my beam scale to zero out. I'm sure it's not the most accurate thing you can get, but it is more than adequate for my needs. Watch for them to go on sale it...
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    Newfoundland Moose Processing issues?

    Man you make an invaluable point here. I have hunted with people that have such a defeatist attitude, and let small things ruin an entire day or hunt. Not saying that's what's going on here, but just that it is so important to stay positive and enjoy your time out hunting. Don't sweat the...
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    The Mountain Project - Season 5

    Anybody know the name or artist of the song they open with?
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    What gear was a pleasant surprise?

    I second the Wrangler pants. Outstanding value, I wear them all the time. They've made small changes, but I will be buying more. The shorts are great as well.
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    Sorry to derail your thread. I was looking at getting the same magnetospeed, and am curious as to why you are looking to get rid of yours? Thanks
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    300 Win Mag Brass

    I'll be trying 180 gr accubonds first since I have plenty on hand.
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    300 Win Mag Brass

    What brass are you guys having good luck with for 300 win mag, and where are you getting it? I recently got a used Tikka and would like to find a accurate load so I need some brass. Thanks.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Awesome! I know it's quite a ways off, but good luck to both of you guys, and please update this thread with info that someone may not think of. The flying part has me a little worried, but driving just wasn't feasible.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    October this year?
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    October - 3 or 4 season tent?

    Second rifle 2017 we woke up about 4 am with 5 inches of fresh wet heavy snow on my cimarron. We pushed it all off, not sure if it would have completely collapsed the shelter or not, but it is something to consider.
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    Newfoundland question thread

    Same as above!