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  1. sabotloader

    Off topic at first - Then on Topic

    The other day I was just dinging around and actually conversing with a guy at Lehigh - he asked me if I would like to try a new bullet they were building for Umarex. What's Umarex I asked? it is a pellet gun! Well my interest kinda dropped in a hurry - pellet gun! What am I going to do with a...
  2. sabotloader

    Super DISC in the Rock Pit

    Got a chance this morning to make a quick run to the Rock Pit hoping to get in a bit of shooting. The temps were down in the low 60's and we had pretty good cloud cover so it should stay cool long enough for me to get a shoot in. I decided to take the Super DISC out for a check up. I wanted...
  3. sabotloader

    Knight Western ULite Cleaned - New part added

    I shot this rifle yesterday out in the Rock Pit - got it cleaned up today added a new part. I replaced the TC #11 Nipple with the new Lehigh #11 made from S7 steel. They are suppose to be nearly indestructible - we will see. Now I have a really good reason to go out and shoot another range...
  4. sabotloader

    The 4th! Making BOOMs in the Rock Pit

    I have been trying to get out to do some shooting for a week now but... my side job kept getting in the way. Today being the 4th of July seemed to be the natural day to go makes some noise. This mornings temps here in Moscow was in the 50's but suppose to get up to the mid 80's this afternoon...
  5. sabotloader

    CVA Shooters - Have you seen this!

    For 2010 and newer CVA Breech Plug with removable Vent Liner Follow this link,muzzleloader/f7-sub-category-for-muzzleloader,breech-plugs
  6. sabotloader

    Western Shoot in the Rock Pit

    It was a great morning for shooting, cloudy cool and very little wind. I really needed to take advantage of that. I shot the Western DISC a week or so ago and really was not liking what I had to do to hit a 100 yard bird. I much rather 2.75 to 3" PBR at 100 versus being dead on. Last week I...
  7. sabotloader

    Shooting a Western DISC

    Had a little time this morning so I made a run for the farm. When I got to the farm the temp was 55 and warming quickly. When I left it was already 70 and getting hotter quickly! I had made basically this same shoot a day or two ago but I made a change in the rifle I wanted to see if it made...
  8. sabotloader

    Shooting with the New Lehigh #11 Nipple

    I was able to get out to the farm this morning and get some shooting in before the heat began to rise. This new Lehigh is made from s7 tool steel and is a very tough metal. In the previous post I mistakenly labeled it as 17-4 Stainless Today project was to test fire the new Nipple with a BP...
  9. sabotloader

    Just so Know - Testing a new #11 Nipple

    I have to correct an error that I made... The nipples are not made of 17-4 SS but rather S-7 steel which is a more resilient metal Lehigh Defense is now offering a replacement #11 Nipple for muzzleloaders. The metal used to create this new offering is the harder 17-4 Stainless Steel. The...
  10. sabotloader

    Nitride @ the Farm

    FINALLY!!! Marty is done farming the shooting range @ the Dinger farm, so I did get to shoot this morning. It was brief shooting for two reason... it got hot quicker than I thought it would and the planting pattern some what screwed up the shooting range :dunno: It actually is not Marty's...
  11. sabotloader

    Recreation @ the Dinger Farm

    Had a few minutes this morning to burn so I decided to head out to the farm and do some shooting. All this hoping that Marty was not farming this morning!!?? The rifle I had planned to use this fall during regular rifle deer season here in Idaho was my Knight Ulite Nitride 50 cal. I have a...
  12. sabotloader

    Morning Shoot @ the Dinger Farm

    It is suppose to be a warm day here on the Palouse today and I had a real need to do some shooting! As a lot of you already know Lehigh developed a new sabotless bullet for 45 cal. rifles, a .458x260 CF-HP. For my rifles, I do re-size the drive bands on the bullet from .458 to .454 for the...
  13. sabotloader


    It is spring! and the snow is melted! It is also Turkey Season! On the way back in from a great morning in the woods - the elk are hungry and the meadows are blooming!
  14. sabotloader

    Bore Riding Sabotless Bullets

    Just some information for thought... Several years ago Dave Fricke put my onto a bullet theorem developed by a guy named Lutz Moeller. Basically with the little reading I have done he created a bullet to achieve great accuracy (and that is only one part of what he was trying to do) by putting...
  15. sabotloader

    Super DISC shooting the Lehigh .458x260CF Sabotless Bullet

    Got out today and once a week or so ago to do more testing of this new bullet from Lehigh. As stated the bullet is labeled .458 as it is truly built for 45-70 barrels that have been converted to a muzzleloading barrel. At .458 it is somewhat difficult to get through the crown of the regular 45...
  16. sabotloader

    Knight Super DISC and Lehigh Sabotless .458x260 CF

    DISCLAIMER! Sorry for the length of this for such a short event! Yesterday, Thursday 3-14-19, I was able to get to the Dinger Farm and more importantly, I was able to back the truck into our normal shooting area!!! We have such an accumulation of snow here, the area has been unavailable for a...
  17. sabotloader

    A new Lehigh Bullet .458x260CF-HP

    On another forum there was a posting about a new ML bullet offering from Lehigh Defense. It was a .458x260CF-HP Sabotless. When I first read about it I was sure it was a mistake and should have been listed a .45x260CF. I sent an email to Lehigh and got an answer back. It is a .458 bullet...
  18. sabotloader

    Knight Ulite Nitride - back at the Farm

    A really nice day on the Palouse today.... bright sunny and 33* - a really good time to go shoot some more. Even though it was 33* the farm field was thawing faster than I thought it might. I was able to make my way out and up the field with a minimal amount 'Palouse Clay' sticking to my...
  19. sabotloader

    Nitride Shoot in the Rock Pit (1-18-18)

    January 18 on the Palouse - it is Winter - right? Not so much!!! Partly cloudy and 44* - can not believe it. I had thought about returning to the Farm for another shoot, but at this temp and the fact that it rained all night - the farm would be mud! So I packed up and headed to the Rock Pit...
  20. sabotloader

    Knight Conversion Products Avaialble

    If you have a Knight DISC Extreme or Elite and you might want to convert it to bare primer rifle Lehigh Defense is now making the conversion products you might need. You will need a Knight Red Plastic Jacket bolt to complete the conversion. Lehigh is now producing a 17- 4 metal Breech plug...