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  1. Nick Muche

    Alaskan Bowhunters Banquet

    In case you hadn't heard or are interested in attending our Annual Banquet, get your tickets quick as there are not many left at all. This should be a great night with a lot of high quality raffles and auctions. Our guest speaker is sure to entertain! We also have Nunivak Musk Ox and Eagle...
  2. Nick Muche

    Southeast Alaska Mountain Goat Raffle

    If you've ever dreamed of hunting Mountain Goats, here's your chance to do it quite cheap! Ed Toribio's outfit is one of the very best in the business when it comes to record book Mountain Goats. The winner can decide whether they'd like to use a bow or a rifle, the hunt is transferable and if...
  3. Nick Muche

    Alaskan Bowhunters Mountain Goat Hunt Raffle

    The Alaskan Bowhunter Association is excited to offer this incredible opportunity to someone! We’ve secured one of the very best Mountain Goat hunts available and the hunt will take place in September of 2021! Primo Expeditions owner, Ed Toribio,has been hunting and guiding hunters for goats...
  4. Nick Muche

    Caribou Success in 2020

    I've had a fantastic time hunting Caribou this year in Alaska. We started in mid July and I think I just finished my last hunt of the season this past weekend. In all, I was able to hunt three distinct caribou herds and experienced hunting resident herds with few sightings, full on migration...
  5. Nick Muche

    WTB WTB a Carter RX2 Release

    If anyone has a Carter RX2 release that they no longer use, please let me know as I'd love to purchase it from you. Thanks in advance.
  6. Nick Muche

    Alaskan Bowhunters Association - Grizzly Bear Hunt Raffle

    With Ryan's permission, I wanted to post this up here in case anyone is interested in supporting the Alaskan Bowhunter Association. We are raffling off a fully guided Archery only Grizzly Bear hunt with one of the best Grizzly Bear guides currently operating within Alaska. The winner can...
  7. Nick Muche

    Anyone interested in Moose Packing?

    Jonahs Alaskan Outfitters is looking for a few folks to help pack moose this fall. We realize this is last minute but it's a pretty good opportunity for anyone with some spare time that wants to experience the Brooks Range and one hell of an outfitter! Details... You have to get to his camp...
  8. Nick Muche

    2019 Caribou Meat Pole

    Just got back from a few days on the North Slope hunting Caribou with my wife and two friends. Lot's of caribou, just not many big bulls or any decent ones for that matter. The theme of our weekend was "Pecker Checkin"... Thousands of cows/calfs, never saw a mosquito and plenty of people but...
  9. Nick Muche

    Grizzly Success

    My wife and I were fortunate to each take a Grizzly this past weekend here in Alaska. Mine was shot on Friday evening and hers the following night. I'll never forget either of them and I doubt she will either. Her's is an exceptional critter for Interior alaska, 24" skull and over 8'.
  10. Nick Muche

    Digiscoping & Field Camera setup

    I am hoping to get some help from you all here with regards to a camera setup that will work as my primary camera in the field, Digiscoping setup and one that will do video. I realize there likely isn't a camera that will do all three of those very well, but I'd like to find one that will do...
  11. Nick Muche

    Empty Pack Weight

    Anyone weigh their pack setup empty? I was a bit surprised when I weighed mine for this fall and plan on making some modifications to reduce this as much as possible... Kifaru Duplex Frame with a Reckoning bag, guide lid, chamber pocket and two medium pouches came in at 8.62lbs. Let's hear...
  12. Nick Muche

    WTB Highcamp 7000

    Looking for a Kifaru Highcamp 7000, any color, etc... Let me know if anyone wants to sell theirs. Thanks, Nick
  13. Nick Muche

    Colorado Cow Elk

    Can anyone give me some options to pass along to a friend for a Colorado Cow elk, rifle hunt? He'd need a guide of some sort, etc but he is really interested in getting some elk meat and I can't think of an easier way. He's in CO Springs, if that helps. Thanks for your help. Nick
  14. Nick Muche

    Spot Hogg Site Tapes

    When I first got my Spot Hogg, single pin, I sighted it in with my own marks and found it hard to get the pin in the same exact spot each time when moving the dial to and from yardages. It worked ok, but not as well as I'd have liked. So I tried the standard site tapes, got my 20 and my 60...
  15. Nick Muche

    Alaska Wildlife Refuges

    If you have hunted in AK or plan to hunt in AK in the future, this may be of interest to you. This could end up being a pretty big deal...
  16. Nick Muche

    Fairbanks 3D Archery Championship

    If anyone is in the area and would like to come on out and shoot a 40 target trail shoot, please don't hesitate to either contact me or come to the shoot! The past two shoot have been great for turnouts! Over 60 people for each, compared to 15-20 last year... It's been a heck of a summer for...
  17. Nick Muche

    2015 Bears

    I see there are a few bears from this spring posted, any more?
  18. Nick Muche

    Lots of Hunting Clothes...

    *updated to reflect what is still available These items are priced to sell... YOU PAY SHIPPING (From Fairbanks, AK)... I have pictures of everything and if you'd like it, please email me at [email protected] Most of this stuff is basically brand new, but used/worn... Columbia camo...
  19. Nick Muche

    Tarptent useage in AK

    Who on here has used a Tarptent in Alaska or anywhere else with bad weather? I love the weight, the designs look great as well... Wondering how they hold up to wind and moderate snow as well as their ability to minimize condensation. Intended use would be early spring for bears and early...
  20. Nick Muche

    Beanie/Gloves....Any reccomendations

    Anyone out there know of a great beanie? Ideally it would be windproof and soft to the skin, big enough to cover the ears and warm. I am also looking for a midweight glove to go over a merino liner. Ideally it would be somewhat waterproof, warm, and not too bulky allowing me to wear my...